The SEO blogging industry has really coming to a head within the past few months. has particularly gotten pretty extreme with community moderation against taboo SEO topics.


1. proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable
2. prohibited or excluded from use or practice

Here is my own compilation of SEO topics that will surely get you ridiculed wherever you share it:

This Post

As I did some research on this post I realized that this subject has already been talked about.

Yup, kind of hypocritical but just bein’ real.

SEO is Dead

seo is dead

Please for the mother of GOD stop writing about this!! It’s been done, and done again, then again, then copied, and spun, again and again.

Even if Matt Cutts and Larry Page have a press conference titled “Why SEO is dead,” don’t do it.

Even if you think you are being original, don’t do it.

If a electromagnetic blast from China hits the USA and kills all search engines, even then don’t do it.

Its been done and done again, then done again. The dead horse has been beaten and the fat lady is has sung her lungs out.

Generic SEO Posts

A few examples of these:

“5 Reasons Why SEO is Great”

“How SEO can increase your marketing efforts.”

“Why SEO is a good option for digital marketing.”

These posts are vague, dull, and boring.

Regurgitated SEO Posts

seo posts same

This can kind of be grouped into the above category, but I think it deserves a category all of its own.

How many posts do we need to read about:

  • writing proper title tags?
  • why speed is important in SEO
  • the importance of keyword density

While these types of posts are very important in SEO, epic & mastered guides on these subjects already exist in numbers.

Does Negative SEO Work?

Not even gonna go into this one here but to sum it up quickly there are 2 schools of thought on this one:

  1. the people that believe negative SEO works
  2. the people that do not believe negative SEO works

either way, writing about it doesn’t seem to make any sense. Case studies tend to range in the unethical side of things as well.

Posts about negative SEO always end up in arguments that lead nowhere.

Not Provided

We are all very upset that Google no longer passes keyword data. We are all very upset about this and miss our keywords terribly.

Someone from Google at a conference even brought it up recently.

But there is no use talking about it anymore. Unless Google one day decides to open up their gates, this topic is dead.

Meta Keywords

The meta-keywords tag died a long time ago. Sure, there are a ton of people that still use it. Who knows maybe it is the most important ranking factor and we are all missing out.

Either way, there is really no point writing about it.

It works, it doesn’t work, Google uses it, it doesn’t use it…its over.

Expert Roundup Posts

I think we should take a break from these for a while. They’ve been overdone, to say the least.

I mentioned the other day in a post that people have basically become immune to these style posts.


There are definitely more of these, but I think I covered the important ones here.

Although this post was kind of a joke, there is a more serious undertone.

Blog about these above subjects and expect ridicule (and a lack of traffic) on your SEO blog.

Think outside the box and post about innovative stuff, cool case studies, and new ideas and you will be just fine.