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Browse our testimonials of satisfied clients and do your due diligence before working with any company you talk to on the internet. Our company works with publicly traded companies, government organizations, and represents celebrities and influencers throughout the globe.

The Art of Beauty
I would like to thank you for being extremely professional, very easy to deal with and most of all doing anything and everything to make us happy. (I know we can be a bit difficult at times)
I hope this New Year will be great to all of us and we can continue to work as a team on this website and any other future projects! You guys are all amazing and a blast to work with!
Moraya Iacono
Moraya Iacono
The numbers look great and we have noticed as it goes in hand with how busy we have been the last month 🙂 Keep up the great work!
Mark Crawford
Tech Meets Trader
I am so proud to have this be our website!! You guys knocked this out of the park- really excited to have this go live!!!
Warren Lorenz
Tech Meets Trader
You guys, the website looks AMAZING! I’m at a client on-site all week and about to give a presentation… but went through the website during a presentation and WOW. Thank you both for making this look so phenomenal. You two are the absolute best. Extremely happy, thank you thank you!
David Cantor
Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Food
Elite has exceeded our expectations with their deep understanding of analytics, as well as brand integrity. They are true partners in developing all aspects of our company’s online presence. We appreciate that they take the time to explain all of the behind-the-scenes work they’re doing, which helps our team better understand how Search Engine contributes to the growth of our business.
Dr. Jordana Herschthal
The Herschthal Practice
Elite strategies is an incredibly professional and knowledgeable SEO company. After years of working with a few poor quality companies, Elite was able to increase our online presence within 6 weeks. They are very attentive, personalized, and responsive. Highly recommended!!
Zachary Snitzer
Maryland Addiction Recovery/ Innovo Detox
We switched over and hired Elite Strategies about 6 months into our new business. We have been working with another web site design/SEO company and they had really dropped the ball. Immediately Elite came in, redesigned our web site and within about 6 weeks of their working on our online presence and SEO we started to see about a 50% increase in web site traffic. They also have been extremely proactive and taken great time to explain to us what they are doing behind the scenes to increase our traffic and what we can do to help in optimizing our online presence. They have truly been a partner with us to increase and expand our business
Joel Warren
Miami Beach, FL
Without a doubt the best investment I have made for my business. The way jaquie and team interact and care about getting results is unparalleled by any Seo, website company I have ever delt with. If you care about results I highly recommend. They report and show and teach you how to understand results and reports and follow thru . 5 stars
Craig M.
Colorado Springs, CO
We use Elite Strategies for SEO consulting services. I really respect Pat's knowledge and understanding across multiple respects in digital marketing. He and his team are very attentive and really help when I have technical questions I don't understand (especially regarding servers). Pat, the owner, has been in the industry for a while. I enjoy hearing about his latest celebrity client. I especially love the work ethic-I've seen these guys work through hurricanes! I'd highly recommend their SEO, PPC, Web Design. Thanks guys.
Philip Brodney
I'm not just saying this because it is my website but Elite Strategies built me one of the most beautiful websites I've ever seen. It is mobile friendly and works great. They are just getting started with the SEO but already their reports are very detailed and I couldn't be happier with the service. I've worked with other SEO companies in Florida and have never gotten the attention that Elite Strategies provides. A+, 5 stars, 10/10 and two thumbs up!
Tina Marie Clark
Shiftstirrer Method
Talk about TOP of the line. Elite Strategies, has been and continues to be a business game changer. They are ahead of the game and Patrick is nothing short of a genius, personally working with Jacquie one on one has not only been a pleasure but it's completely changed the way I look at my business, social media and allowed me to focus on what's really important. You'll never regret working with them but you may regret not working with them sooner. I know I did. I love knowing the Shift Stirrer Method is in the best hands in the industry.
Amanda M. Fugazy, Esq.
Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP
I am an attorney who has worked with Elite Strategies on several ADA website cases. They are the best in the industry and I highly recommend them for any website compliance related needs.
Ivan Klugman
When we decided to outsource our website and social media work, we want a company that would take the same care that we would handling our sites. We are all aware of the cheap template tuners in China and India. This was not what we wanted. We wanted a company that answers the phone and is responsive to our needs. Elite can be your full service media company. I highly recommend them for all your needs.
Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg
Responsive and professional. Team is on top of our SEO and ranking goals and has improved both in a short period of time.
Robin Zvonek
Paragraphs Principal
Love Elite. So glad we found them. They're great partners.. Always deliver what we need, when we need it. Professional, friendly and responsive.
Dave Ellis
Exquisite knives
Elite Strategies is an extremely professional and easy to work with Company. I get rave reviews about my new site, I am definitely higher up in the search engines and they respond quickly to my needs. I would not hesitate using them for all of your web related work.
Evyette Ortiz
Ark Restaurants Corp.
Ark Restaurants Corp. has the pleasure of working with Elite Strategies since 2019. We hired them for ADA compliance and kept them on to maintain our websites due to their expertise. The team, especially Cezar is professional, helpful and quick to respond to any questions or issues. I appreciate their attention and dedication they’ve shown me, looking forward to continue working with them.