Our Digital Marketing Services

At the core of our SEO services is a strict adherence to Google Webmaster Guidelines and adherence to the best SEO practices that will improve your online revenue.

What sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we respect your business website so that it won’t get penalized and plummet in the search engine rankings. We’ve seen what happens when people take shortcuts and try to game the system. Our core services are built on our main foundation: organic traffic.


In a nutshell, SEO is the process of getting your website listed high on the search engines with the end result of getting you more website visitors who are specifically looking for your service or product and ultimately more customers.

Let’s face it, the #1 way people seek out a new company is the internet. There are over 10 billion search queries every day on Google alone. Potential customers every day are sitting down at their computers or tapping away on smart phones, looking for services and products like yours. Our job is to get you found on the search engines, to connect you with those potential customers and get them through your door.

Technically speaking, there are two parts of SEO on-site and off-site. On-site refers to the changes we need to make to your website to make it “search engine ready” such as the text, meta tags and keywords. Off-site refers to factors such as backlinks, social media, and content pointing to your site. We provide each and every one of our clients with a personalized organic campaign plan that will yield the best results. Our local search engine optimization service has one goal: to create more visibility in the search engines. This will drive more foot traffic to your physical location and generate more phone calls and email inquiries. It’s the technical answer to the local search revolution.


In an era where people are accessing your website via multiple devices, it is imperative that your website works no matter what device they use. But don’t take our advice, Google highly recommends using responsive design as of mid-2018. No matter what phone, device, tablet, or computer your customers use to access your website we will make sure that it works.

We will custom design your site to your specifications with SEO & marketing in mind from the ground up. Our in-house designers are dedicated to providing only the best designs, and have years of experience providing quality products. We believe that website design is a science, and have used grass-roots marketing via split testing in order to come up with the best approach in web design, to yield customer conversions. Any designer can create a beautiful website, but it takes more than a nice looking website to convince a customer that you are the best choice. A successful web design requires proper planning and implementation, taking your overall business strategy and transforming it into a visually appealing marketing tool. Remember that your website is going to be your company’s primary marketing tool for your brand and product line, where most of your clients and potential customers will visit.


You don’t have to look far to realize that there is a major content revolution going on all around you. Check your Facebook, Twitter, or even your emails and there is a good chances that you are going to see some sort of blog post, video, infographic, or other rich media being presented to you. As a response to the massive content revolution happening on the web right now, Elite Strategies has created a targeted strategy to help our customers grow on the web using content marketing.
We work with small businesses, franchises, eCommerce companies and sole proprietors to establish a targeted content marketing strategy that will help your website compete with the firehose of information we are presented with on an everyday basis.


Did you know that in any US State, there are at least 10 million people on Facebook at any time of the day? It is 2019, and Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are all household names. Lacking a presence on these social networks is no longer an option. Elite Strategies provides a comprehensive and individualized social media campaign plan that will take your company to new heights. We provide account set-up and design customization options, including a broad range of marketing campaign services that will help you manage and grow your business. Our team of highly skilled employees and talented interns possess the skills necessary to take your website to the next level by way of social media. The possibilities of outreach, lead generation, and branding your company on these social media sites are endless.


Elite Strategies offers 24/7 dedicated hosting and custom domain name registration for all TLDs (.com, .net, .org, etc). Our dedicated servers are housed in a secure building that is temperature controlled, built with safety in mind, and has armed security on premises. We use Linux and Windows platforms, and a variety of customizable packages that are tailored to your needs.

We run only the finest Linux dedicated servers using the time-tested Apache web servers. Our current uptime is over 1.5 years, and we are hosting over 300 domains across our network of dedicated servers.


When conducting business on the internet, there is nothing worse than hearing a customer say “I Googled your company and found negative reviews, so we will not be doing business with you.”

In 2019, you are defined by what appears on these search engines and within micro-niche social media communities. In fact, millions of dollars are lost every year because of false or misleading SERP results. Whether the negative listings are from a competitor, a news site, or another site the impact is something that you do not want to affect your business.

We understand the reputation issues that you may face and we can offer a cost effective plan that will yield a long-term solution. Our unique, and time tested reputation management services will help you get your good name back under your control so that you can focus on doing business.

The upside to this is that Elite Strategies can help resolve your issues and negative content with a simple campaign. The talent that we possess is second to none in the areas of Reputation Management. We realize how important it is that you have a positive online reputation. Potential clients and business partners will want to look up your company before thy do business with you, and potential employees will want to know that they are dealing with a reputable organization. The first impression they get may very well be what they see on Google, and today that is a reality.