Web Design Services

Custom web design services in Boca Raton, FL and websites delivered to your exact specifications in a timely manner using modern technologies. We also include website maintenance services for free with every new client.

You can checkout some of our past designs on our online portfolio. Our portfolio consists of national brands, eCommerce websites, and local businesses. In addition to website design we also craft complete branding packages that include logo design as well as print design materials such as business cards and flyers.

Our website design process is very simple. Start by completing a website design and development questionnaire. During this process, we will get to know a little more about your wants and needs. We’ll ask you questions such as ‘what are some examples of websites that you like’ and ‘what features do you want available.’

From there we will develop a work sheet which will consist of the type of website we will be making, design specifications, features, content and more.

All data is stored in our project management system. This includes logins to your website, website questionnaire answers, theme files, logos, images, and more. Our project management system exists so that we stay organized and have all of your information in a central location.


We take organization to the next level. With our in-house project management software, we store every piece of information in a central location from the moment you say “hello” to us. This includes emails, files, login information, your preferences, social media links, and so much more. Why bother sifting through 1000 emails when you can keep everything in one convenient location?

If at any time you request information from us, we’ll gladly package it up in a neat file for you to take with you. We believe that all customers have the right to their information. We’ll never withhold information from you for any reason.


If this were 10 years ago, there was pretty much only one way to make a website: with plain HTML coding. Now with complex blogging systems, content management systems and eCommerce websites the options are truly endless. Here at Elite Strategies, we are big believers in the open source movement. Our roots are planted in tried and true technologies that have stood the test of time. We don’t bother with custom built CMS’s that are likely to break or become outdated. We rely on systems with 1000’s of developers worldwide dedicated to maintaining these code-bases and do a great job doing so.

All of our websites come equipped with basic SEO implementation in place, are responsive (mobile friendly) and will work out of the box with all modern day web browsers, devices, tablets and more.

Website Frameworks
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap CSS / HTML5
  • Drupal
  • vBulletin
eCommerce Frameworks
  • Shopify
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • Open Cart

How the Process Works.

If you are interested in getting started, take some time to fill out our website questionnaire. This process will take anywhere from a few minutes to up to 1 hour, so grab a coffee. Once you’ve completed this, you can expect the following timeline to take place:

Of course, all websites are not created equal. An eCommerce website with 5,000 products is going to take much longer than a small business website with 5 pages. We tell all of our customers this: if you know what you want, have all of your information available and give us what we need we can have a basic website up in running in 1-2 weeks.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in developing a business-grade website with us that you’ll be proud to show all of your friends, family, and co-workers you can contact us via the contact page or sign up below.