Our Company Was Founded On A Passion For The Industry And A Love Of Marketing and Technology by Our Founders.

No long term commitments, full transparency, regular reporting, and we always answer the phone. We are based in Boca Raton, FL.

We Build and Optimize Websites.

Elite Strategies is a leader in internet marketing, SEO and website design, and is rapidly gaining national and international exposure through our extensive client base, as well as our commitment to quality control. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach, nor do we attempt to pre-package our services. We believe that each client and industry is different, therefore we create an individualized plan of action for each client. Elite Strategies prides itself on being one of the few SEO companies that not only helps our clients gain top search rankings, but works with each customer to get more clients through that process.

Our humble beginnings have taught us the secret to our business: if we truly help our customers get more business and more exposure our customers will be satisfied. Our long list of satisfied clients will tell you that not only will we deliver what we promise, but will answer any questions you have along the way.

We are a privately held company and have no investors or outstanding debt. This allows us to quickly adopt new technologies without having to cut through corporate red tape. We are industry recognized, and our motto is “don’t tell me it can’t be done.”



Every phone call that comes into our office is answered by a real human who is actually on staff. We don’t outsource our customer service and there is always an expert proficient in SEO and website marketing to assist you.



The devil is in the details. From our content creation process to our keyword research, we take time and care to ensure all of the fine details are covered in SEO, website development and more.



We’ve fine tuned our process and inspect every website before it goes live. We’ve employed our own in-house website migration checklist to ensure each website is ready for the world wide web.


Our number one priority is helping out clients achieve their goals. If they’re winning, we’re winning.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement.


Our company believes in giving back in a number of ways. From volunteering at local non-profits to donating to worthy causes, we are proud to give back to humanity.

Our Promise to You.

Our Company History.