Twitter chat’s are an excellent way to stay connected to the SEO community, learn more about SEO, as well as give back knowledge and information you’ve gained over the years.

Twitter chat’s have many benefits:

  • meet new people
  • get new followers / find cool people to follow
  • learn more about the industry
  • stay up to date on latest tactics
  • get exposure for your consultancy / brand / agency

There are many ways to partake in Twitter chats. I use probably the simplest way and that is to search for the hashtag and keep 2 tabs open, one with the “latest” stream of the hashtag, and one for answering and replying to questions.

You can also use a web app to engage in Twitter chats. I’ve used a bunch before, one of them is TweetChat. Get started by authorizing the app, then enter the hashtag and go from there.

Some basic / unoffical rules to follow for Twitter chats:

  • stay on topic, its fine to stray a little bit but its helpful to to remain on topic
  • I personally stay away from cross-hashtagging e.g. when you are in #semrushchat don’t hashtag #seotalk
  • If you are on Question 3 (Q3) always answer with format (A3: your answer in plain text #hashtag)
  • Always use the proper hashtag at the end of your answer, otherwise it doesn’t count. 
  • If you forget to use the hashtag, reply to your own tweet with the hashtag (or delete it and repost it)
  • Be a good human: keep equality in mind, don’t mansplain, for the men, don’t only talk to “the bros,” and as always don’t talk down to, or bully anyone
  • Have fun! use emojis, gifs, tag your friends and don’t take it too seriously. A little trolling and sh*t posting is fine, as long as you are civil

Here are my 8 favorite Twitter chats, and ones that I would definitely recommend checking out


When: Wednesday’s at 3pm (EST)

Hosted by: @SEOpub

Twitter chat link: #seopub

Info: My personal favorite. #SEOpub is definitely one of the smaller chats, but the people involved are very knowledgeable and the questions are very thought out. Unlike a lot of the other chats, it keeps SEO as the main topical focus. Some excellent SEO sh*t posting as well.

Sample Question: 


When: Tuesday’s at Noon (EST)

Hosted by: @vcbuzz and @seosmarty

Twitter chat link: #vcbuzz

I was a guest on #VCbuzz last year and was blown away by the amount of exposure I got from this chat. It always gets a lot of participants, and always a number of responses after the chat, throughout the week. The VC stands for “viral content” not “venture capital” so don’t worry about being at the wrong place. This Twitter chat gets some incredible exposure. Ann Smarty is also involved, who is a true baller. Very impressive.

Sample Question:


When: Thursday’s at 3pm (EST)

Hosted by: @HootSuite and @NickAtHootsuite

Twitter chat link: #HootChat

Info: If you are a Hootsuite user this chat can definitely be useful. It is definitely geared more towards social media, but it gets a lot of agency participants as well as a nice mix of experts and novices.

Sample Question:


When: Wednesday’s at 11am (EST)

Hosted by: @SEMRush and @markpgus

Twitter chat link:  #SEMRushChat 

Info: Probably one of the top chats in this list, hosted by SEMRush which most SEO’s know and love. A little more of a “corporate” feel, but they still do a good job of remaining independent. They do some really cool things like crowd sourced website audits during the chats which are always fun to watch even if you don’t contribute.

Sample Question:


When: Monday’s Noon (EST)

Hosted by: @theSEOtalkers @MalharBarai @ParthSuba77 @JaydipParikh

Twitter chat link: #seotalk

Info:  Indian based SEO chat, which is cool because the SEO community in India is massive. Chat is in English which is convenient for US/EU folks.  A nice mix of technical questions alongside some straightforward evergreen type questions.

Sample Question:


When: Monday ‘s 3pm (EST)

Hosted by: @SFerika

Twitter chat link: #contentchat

Info: This is a great way to end your Monday. #contentchat gets a lot of participants and always has amazing questions. Every Monday my Twitter feed is filled with #contentchat with a lot of replies and responses. Erika does a great job of keeping archives of old chats on the official website as well.

Sample Question:


When: Tuesdays at Noon

Hosted by: @NeptuneMoon @markpgus @Realicity and guests.

Twitter chat link: #ppcchat

Info: I don’t normally take part in #ppcchat but I always read the re-cap tweets after the fact. If you are into paid traffic at all, this is a really good way to keep in touch with the industry and learn some new tricks.

Sample Question: 


When: Thursday 1pm (EST)

Hosted by: @Carolyn_Lyden

Twitter chat link:  #seochat

Info: An independently run SEO chat that holds the title of one of the best hashtags in the SEO chat scene: #SEOchat. Only issue with this is a lot of chats get confused and use #SEOchat by accident, so sometimes questions run together. I think Carolyn does an awesome job of hosting this and I personally am looking forward to participating more especially after doing research for this post.

Sample Question:

That’s it! If you feel like I left anyone out or didn’t accurately describe any of these chats, feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @pmkoom and I’ll make those adjustments promptly :)