Last week we asked our customers, friends and followers to take a short survey regarding “about us” pages. Our goal is to help our customers and fellow developers create a user experience that is the most beneficial to our users. We feel that direct feedback is one of the best way to make this happen.

Please note, this is just a casual survey and not an official research project. We don’t claim that the results are actual facts, however we will be paying very close attention to what the results are.

Question 1: 4 most important elements of an about us page?

We asked our users to select 4 of the most important elements of an about us page out of a list of about 20 elements that we came up with based on a number of different websites. Out of 41 responses, here are the results overall:

about us page most important elements

Question 2: How long should they be?

The next question was rather simple, “how long do you think an about us page should be.” This was more of a personal curiosity than anything, but we still feel as though content length can be a huge factor. We gave 3 choices to choose from, here are the results:

about us page content length

Question 3: What people really hate?

This last question was totally open ended and anonymous. I’ll list the best answers below, filtering out any duplicates and some of the profanity :)


1. A sales pitch

2. Long content – Please refer the

3. Lack of important key elements & not having at least one photo bug me. Though I really do not like it when there is only a single paragraphed mission statement as the sole piece of about content

4. too long-winded & self important–>no doubt inflated. practical info & logical info is the most respected–>tangible, at least by me. as a client, i am making the decision, so yeah…

5. about us pages that don’t tell you about the company at all about us pages should tell you about the company, not the products

6. buzzwords, or about us pages that don’t tell you “about” the company itself

7. make the page all about the founder / CEO – I’d rather see the real workers and what they are all about

8. really long page that goes on and on about the company. I just want to see the basics. who works there, where it is, a blurb about the company, some brief history, and that is it.

9. Personal contribution to non-related sites/portofolio/

10. all text and no photos AND use of industry buzzwords with no real meat on the bones

11. A page that isn’t human.

12. BS fluff content – LOATHE buzzwords.

13. the typical BS sales copy that anyone in marketing can smell a mile away

14. companies that don’t have one!

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