In this post we highlight some of the major points that happened in Google Search Engine over the years.
A screenshot of Google search engine August 23rd, 2001.

911 pre


A screenshot of Google search engine on September 13th, 2001.

Google screenshot september 11 2001


This was a very small change but was also a very historical one. Little by little, Google started integrating features that made searching for information a little easier.


Finding the number of calories, grams of fat, or any number of differnt dietary metrics is now as easy as doing a Google search. No longer do you need to find a website and crawl through large databases of information. Google took the foot work out of this one for sure.

calories in a banana

Google offers a quick snapshot of any location you are looking for within the search results.



In depth articles were added to the search results in August of 2013 to highlight articles that were deemed to be superior sources of information.

crime in depth articles


Looking for the best Cuban restaurant in Miami and some quick review information, look no further than the top of the first page.cuban restaurants near miami


Google provides meanings and definitions for any word listed in the dictionary, and even some that are not.

history of google search


You can also get a quick glance at a movie review just by searching for it.

google search features history


Google can do your homework in a jiff. It can differentiate a string / number as a word and convert it as a number. It can also convert operators written as a word such as “times” or “minus” into the actual operator.

google converts words to numbers


Google’s latest and most badass feature of them all is the ability to find flight information and list it in the SERPs. Take it a step further and it will also find comparable flights for you as well as their pricing.

jet blue 1502


If you are signed in to Google or have personalization turned on, it will interpret words such as “near by” or “close by”

keyword nearby


Google has added the “Knowledge Graph” on the right hand side of the search results to give searchers more information about that entity.

lil wayne


Google is able to answer and interpret questions that might not be so clear cut.

mark cuban wife


Google also stays up to date on politics. mayor of new york city


Pop culture terminology is quickly displayed and grabbed from large data sources such as Wikipedia.

meaning of jigga man


If you want to know “what’s playing right now” Google will answer that question in a convenient little table at the top of the results.



More math.

pi times 16 squared


Even if you try to confuse Google it will still try.

what is math


World wide knowledge presented at your fingertips.

president of uganda


Google has integrated its social network, Google+ into the search results in every way possible.

rand fishkin


Google will also give you a quick glance at how the market is going.

s and p



Google uses various data sets not limited to just Wikipedia to display the best definition possible.

what does twerk mean


Whenever possible, Google will display more than just a definition for a meaning. In this case how many mentions over time.

what is heroin


A favorite amongst techies, Google will display your IP address when asked.

what is my Ip address


Google has come a long way since 1998 and strives to do no evil at all costs.
google 1998