If you are like me, then you probably review your analytics in the morning instead of USA Today or the New York Times.

For a long time I struggled with different analytics apps, plugins and mobile browsers until I discovered the Piwik App for Android.

I’ve been a Piwik user now for probably about 5 years.  I totally love everything about it and it has never skipped a beat.  I keep it running on a dedicated server and it performs very well.

I think Google Analytics is great, and personally have nothing against it.  There are pros and cons to using both of them, I just really love Piwik.

Piwik can be used as a Google Analytics alternative for anyone who is wondering.

I grabbed some screenshots to give a basic overview of how it works and how it looks, in case you are thinking about implementing it.


This is the main screen where you can choose what you want to view.  From here you just tap what you want to see and it will display quite nicely.

piwik mobile analytics android-0001


If you want to change the date, you can do that at any time.  You can choose day, week, month, year or any custom range you like with a few quick taps.

piwik mobile analytics android-0002


Here is the screen where you can select the date itself.

piwik mobile analytics android-0003


Here is the Visitor Log screen, where it will give you an overview of your last 5-10 visitors, where they came from and a bunch of more data.  From here you can tap any visitor instance for more information.

piwik mobile analytics android-0004


This screen will give you a general overview of the keywords that the sites visitors are coming from.  Pretty nifty.

piwik mobile analytics android-0005


This screen shows you your referrer traffic.

piwik mobile analytics android-0006


Here you can see a breakdown by country.

piwik mobile analytics android-0007



You can also view the engagement of your visitors here (not too good on this site)

piwik mobile analytics android-0008


You can also see how many pages your visitors have viewed per visit.  Another great way to measure engagement.

piwik mobile analytics android-0009


Other stats such as screen resolution can be viewed with a quick tap.

piwik mobile analytics android-0010


You can also view which browsers are the most popular.  This is great so that you can make sure your site is properly optimized for the most popular browser.

piwik mobile analytics android-0011


Piwik for Android is also great because you can view social network referrer traffic.

piwik mobile analytics android-0012



You can also get a quick glance of all of your referrers from one quick screen.  This is one of my favorite stats to look at.piwik mobile analytics android-0013


There are tons of more features you can use with the mobile app, I believe you can do anything that the web app can do.  In my experience, I actually use it more than the web app!  It is very clean and great for sending reports to customers.

Oh, and it is free.