In my opinion, websites that automatically generate content based on a users queries are the spammiest of the spammers.

The exist solely for the purpose of driving traffic to their website and getting people to click on ads.

Recently, a question was submitted to Google Webmaster Help that asked what was Google’s position on websites that did this.

An example of this would be:

Google: “find pink sunglasses”

You then click on a result and are taken to a page that says something like, “No results found, so look at these ads…”

Google’s Matt Cutts says that they (Google) HATE it when people do this and urged them to file a SPAM report or even send him a Tweet about it.

On a positive note, these type of results are not nearly as prevalent as they once were.

You rarely find them on the top of the SERPs, I actually tried finding an example for the purpose of this blog and gave up after 5 minutes.