Ok its not really a makeover, but we painted the walls and did a few upgrades.

We work in a very humble office and pride ourselves in putting ALL of our revenue collected from client fees back into services for clients.

We’ve been in this office now for about 3 years, and it was definitely time to spice things up.  We started off in our office with folding tables, lawn furniture and a coffee pot.

Gradually we updated our office to used furniture and chairs.

We don’t believe in spending money $800 titanium monitor stands and tempurpedic chairs.  It’s just nonsense.

We’re also hiring!  We are always looking for talented SEO’s but are also looking for web designers (WordPress, bootstrap, CSS3 etc) and are even hiring a Linux system administrator right now.  Shoot us a message on our contact page if you know of anyone in the Delray Beach or Boca Raton FL area (in-house only).

Anyway, we normally do posts about industry related tech things so just wanted to lighten up the mood of our blog on a Saturday night.