Don’t know what we ever did without it, and only have our employees using it for an hour now, but we all love it!
Wow – what a great way to share information, files, chat, etc – can’t believe it has been this long without proper project management.

Just to sum it all up, if you or your organization has 1 or more individuals that work from 1 or more locations with multiple clients, then project management software can help you.

Basically what it does is gives your organization the ability to share information on a common platform.  For instance, if we sign a new client for a web page design, logo design, and SEO – there will be a lot of files and information to be shared, etc such as:

  • Web hosting info
  • Logo files
  • Keyword information
  • Graphics
  • Etc

In the past, you would forward this to the essential people in your organization via email – and if it is anything like us, could get very confusing very quickly.  Project Management software such as Basecamp allows you to have a birds eye view of an entire project, all at one time, and open to as many users as you’d like.

Just wanted to share our excitement and recommend an amazing vendor that we hope to work with over the course of the next year.