ADA compliance is an extremely important part of website design and development right now. It is imperative that those with disabilities are able to use websites without any issues. Modern day software built into phone and computer operating systems has made this easy, but there is still a lot of work to be done on the back-end of a website.

The Results

Working as a multi-agency unit, Elite Strategies consulted with other agencies and SH Hotels to ensure the website is easy to use for people with disabilities. During the course of this on-going project, Elite Strategies:

  • performed an initial ADA audit
  • provides ongoing ADA compliance
  • works with dev team and legal team to mitigate risk
  • continues to identify problematic areas of site that may appear to be in compliance but in actuality are difficult to navigate
    bring sense of simplicity and ease of use to site

This can be a tedious process. We use multiple modalities when analyzing a website, which can differ from framework to framework. Other solutions offered:

  • image and asset collaterals are now more identifiable for those with impaired vision
  • forms are more easily filled out
  • the “book a hotel” feature was redone so to be easier navigated for users with special tools
  • site photographs are redone so they can be recognized by assistive tools

For more information on ADA compliance audits for your website, call us directly at 561.526.8457. Thank you!