If you want that juicy Pinterest traffic, you gotta know Pinterest. You gotta FEEL Pinterest. You gotta know the demographic. This article will describe how we were able to triple the amount of traffic for a client in just 11 hours.

Pinterest Marketing

If you’re on Pinterest, chances are: you are a woman.

Anyway, that’s the deal with the demo. For those of you PPC marketers out there, you know that women age 30-44 in the US, married with a college education will get you the highest CPC’s known to man. In other words, they buy stuff.

If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you already know about Pinterest. You already know about boards, follows, repins, likes, etc. You have a verified website and a good grasp on the way it works.

A little disclaimer here, if your customer is a tax lawyer or a timeshare resale telemarketing agency, this method isn’t going to work as well as a, say – puppy clothier.

So lets get started!

Pinterest Account Curation

First thing you need to do, is what we call Pinterest account curation. This is the process of making your account look good.

Let’s start with your profile picture. Which one of these Pinterest photos do you think someone is more likely to follow?


pinterest seo and marketing

Which Pinterest Pinner would you follow/click?

I’m guessing A. At this stage of the game, forget branding – you can do that later. Find the most photogenic person in your organization and slap them up there.

Next, fill out all of your details. Verify your website. When you fill in the about section, make sure that it has your keyword, and that you don’t sound like your mission statement (mission statements are boring.)

Attach your FB and Twitter account. A verified website, face of a person, Facebook & Twitter icon along with a city name will add a ton of social trust to your account.

Make it cool.

pinterest marketing

A verified profile adds social proof


After your done curating your profile, and it looks great – onto the next phase.

Pinterest Board Beautification

Start by identifying what niche you are in. Let’s say you are a puppy clothier. Start by creating a puppy board. Then creating a puppy collar board. A puppy clothing board. A cute puppy board. Once you’ve done 5-10 puppy boards, do some related niche boards that are similar to your niche. You can do some cat boards, some women’s clothing, men’s clothing etc etc.

Pin Population

Once you have a framework for your boards, go out and gather, oh, say – 3000 images. Don’t skimp on quality. Hopefully you have 3000 of your own product images, if not – gather as many of your own products as possible, then start gathering related products, photos, images, pictures, whatever. Put each group of photos in a folder on your desktop. Now start uploading to your boards. Be sure to edit each image with the URL of your website, or hopefully the corresponding page to that specific product on your page. It helps to put your URL underneath the image in the image description.

Once you’ve done this, go back to your boards, and find the best image for each board, and choose that as your board cover. Be sure to center the image so that when you are looking at it it looks perfect. This will create a more professional overall look and feel for your boards.

The Follow Game

In this scenario, the goal was to fit in with our target audience as much as possible. We wanted to create a Pinterest account that had lots of authority as well as relevancy.

This is very simple, follow people in your niche. Don’t get too spammy or black hat. Take about 10 minutes and seek out people in your niche. You can do this by following people that are following your competition. You will get throttled if you go too hard. Do a little bit each day.

Our Clients Results – Count Your Money

If and only if you’ve done a good job of the steps above, people will start to follow. You’ll also start to show up in search results more and people will repin your images. We did this for a client 2 weeks ago and their unique visitors has literally tripled every single day since then, and it is continuing to climb.

Lot's O' Pinterest Referrers

Lot’s O’ Pinterest Referrers



Your traffic will reward you

Our client’s traffic doubled. (Your traffic will reward you)


A Few Notes

Keep in mind this really will not work great for most niches. Even the best niches you might generate a ton of traffic, but might not necessarily push product sales or conversions unless you really have things set up right. We’re in a situation right now where we think this Pinterest account is going to grow organically viral for the foreseeable future. There is also a ton of SPAM. We’ve identified at least 3-4 major Pinterest bots that is just polluting Pinterest with crap. This will play in your favor if you play your cards right, and stick to Pinning quality content.

The title stated 11 hours, which is about how long it took us to get everything set up (about 5 hours) and about 20-60 minutes a day of work for close to 2 weeks. Obviously we had a really cool client to work with, hard work, and a little luck – but this can be repeated with a similar recipe.

We hope that this method can help some people out there grab some easy traffic for their clients. Any questions, please ask.