We will be short and sweet with this case study, and try not to flaunt. In 2020 year we started working with an awesome company based in NYC called Zero Bond. Zero Bond was located at the corners of Bond near Broadway in NYC. Technically the business is at the very end of the street, so they named themselves Zero Bond or 0 Bond.

They wanted the 0 Bond address but technically that was not a “real” address according to the US postal system. Our goal was to pivot around these archaic rules and get the address anyway.

We submit request after request. The problem was the request kept going to the wrong address, or the mail carrier would not deliver the verification card because it was the wrong address.

Through some careful finagling and lots of persistence we finally got the postcard and were able to verify the coolest address in the history of the NYC postal system.

In the end, everyone was happy and we were able to obtain one of the most exclusive addresses in the history of NYC. The question now 1 year later is (as with everything when it comes to Google) will it stick?