There is no secret cloud hosting has made a big splash in website hosting over the past 5 or 10 years. Elite Strategies has slowly begun the migration process to cloud platforms, when our clients are ready and willing to make this move. In most cases, the price is roughly the same but the biggest gains are made in terms of speed.

Here is one recent move that we have been testing, the same website before and after:

As you can see this was an easy win for us. The server this website was hosted on was antiquated and reaching its sunset period. Bringing the site to a cloud server also allowed us to leverage new technologies such as NGINIX, the latest PHP and database versions, and newer caching and compression technologies.

Some of the benefits of cloud hosting includes:

  • SEO benefits
  • website speed improvements
  • stability and security
  • ease of use

If you are interested in migrating your website from a traditional server model to cloud hosting, give us a call!