National Pallet Supplier

Pallets, or shipping pallets – A flat structure often used as a platform to transport goods stably. You have probably seen them stack by the loading dock of a local super store, or have seen them being unloaded from a double parked truck in a city to quickly move merchandise inside. Not many people really consider how much the modest pallet plays in the convenience of everyday life. Not only are pallets used to consolidate merchandise for transport, but they are also used for shipping logistics.

While pallets, also known as skids, have been used since the 1st millennium BC, the modern use of pallets is far more advanced. Being used to group goods together, subdivide loads, track shipments in progress and much more. The world of pallet logistics is vast and fascinating.

So when one of the United States’ largest pallet companies approached us in 2th QT of 2020 we were intrigued. After countless meetings and discussions with the client to understand their specific wants and needs we got to work developing a brand new website that would work harmoniously with our SEO strategy.

When developing a website intended to thrive on organic traffic, you should always have an SEO strategy beforehand. The client had just released a proprietary supply chain management platform and wanted to disrupt the pallet management industry and overtake some of the industry’s long standing powerhouses.

We got to work quickly and vigorous, beginning with:

  • A SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)
  • In depth industry research
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • A compelling and easy to use website design

This resulted in a clear and precise SEO strategy and a well-received website design to suit that strategy. So we got to work. Writing content which catered to target keywords from our keyword research, implementing a website hierarchy to properly suit the categories and keywords of the industry, and creating a linear and engaging website design that would promote quality user experience.

Once the website was approved for launch, a pre-launch SEO pass was performed. This is standard operating procedure for website designs prior to launch. This includes:

  • Site Speed Tests
  • Image Optimization
  • Organization Schema Markup
  • Alt text for all images
  • Sitemap generation
  • Robots.txt setup
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Title tags utilizing keyword research
  • Meta descriptions utilizing keyword research

The website was launched at the end of June 2020. With Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration, 39/39 URLS were indexed within the first few days.

The company has previously been known by another name since the mid 1980s and had industry recognition under the name until rebranding in the early 2010s. Having not updated many of the existing profiles, directory listings and other online materials when rebranding the strategy would implement a sincere amount of off-page search engine optimization.

We began with ensuring that the organization schema clearly declared all of their off page website profiles with the “SameAs” attribute. While declaring the previous business title as an Alternate Name to help search engines understand the relationship between the two entities. To further elaborate on the name change in the description the rebranding was elaborated upon.

One of the focuses from the beginning of the SEO campaign was to grow the domain’s authority. With the website domain being fresh-out-the-box with no historical data or referring domains we had to ensure that the domain’s authority grew at the same aggressive pace of our SEO efforts.

With a URL Rating of 0 and a Domain Rating of 0, we had our work cut out for us. We began strategically acquiring niche and industry based backlinks for our client’s site. Ensuring links for all types of reputable domains, with low to high URL ratings. We still to this day continue to acquire backlinks and grow the authority of our client’s website. See the progress below:

In the past 11 ½ months we have acquired 23,916 DoFollow links from 316 domains and brought the UR from 0 to 39 and the DR to a 20.

Today, our ongoing SEO strategy continues and we achieve keyword rankings at a fast efficient rate for the client. The creation of external structured data has also contributed to brand recognition achieving the company a full Knowledge Panel within the first 6 months.

The client currently ranks for 424 national keywords with 17 featured snippets. 27 of the national keywords rank on page one and account for a gross of over 3.2K searches per month. For a niche industry like total pallet management that’s a lot of searches. The site also has local SEO as a main objective in the strategy. With its localized keyword rankings in the client specified area accounting for an additional +2.1K gross searches per month.

Needless to say our client has been quite happy with our results in under a year. Starting with no site, a brand new domain, zero keyword rankings and haunted by a poor rebranding almost a decade earlier they have solidified themselves as one of the top pallet management companies in the country. They even outrank their long standing industry giants for an array of important industry keywords.

The client now enjoys consistently increasing traffic per month with the new users accounting for almost 60% of the user base. With organic search accounting for the majority of site traffic, just this past May 2021 the client received 3,422 users to the site with 2,954 of them New Users.

Our hard work and dedication helped a struggling business regain their market share of an important American industry, and breathed new life into their fading online presence. Armed with a new top-notch custom website, an dedicated SEO team and guided by a heavily planned strategy there is no limit to where this amazing pallet shipping logistics company can go.

From Jun 2021 to Present