We have one client that we absolutely love, and has been with us from the beginning, Debbie from Bonns Flowers.  We love working on Bonn’s Flowers, and have been very proud to be able to show them a high return on their investment (ROI) by using basic SEO techniques and using Google Maps.

On February 10th, we called Debbie with a plan.  We asked for some extra money to launch a PPC campaign on the days before Valentine’s Day in an effort to drive more sales directly through her main revenue channel.

Plan: Leverage PPC Keywords not being targeted by the large flower companies.

Instead of targeting “cityname flowers” or “florist in cityname” or the 100’s of other variations, we decided to think outside of the box, and bid on thousands of low quality keywords not-relating to flowers or florists at all!

And that’s what we did.  From February 11th well into the evening of February 14th, we ran several campaigns that caused a huge surge in traffic.  The campaign went so well, that we actually had to “turn it off” at around 2pm on Valentine’s Day.  Our client was completely exhausted by the end of the day, her inventory was completely gone, and sales for that day was a new record!

We don’t do a lot of PPC for clients, however we feel that “sprinkling in some PPC” during an organic campaign, at the right time can be extremely beneficial and profitable.