Adopt-a-Spot = Success!

The March 2014 Elite Strategies Adopt-a-Spot was a huge success!

Today, the Elite Strategies team took a break from SEO, social media, and web development to volunteer within the community.

At 4pm, the crew mustered outside of the Elite Strategies headquarters and embarked up a waste remediation effort throughout the neighborhoods surrounding the office.

This area has a lot of through traffic, and unfortunately a lot of litter collects over time.

The team was able to collect 8 large bags of debris from the surrounding area.

The activity ended up being a lot of fun and we committed to doing additional adopt-a-spot’s at least every 2 months.

We wanted to give a special thank you to Linda Moreno and Joanna Aiken from the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority for helping us get set up and providing us with bags, shirts, and gloves (amongst other goodies).

Patrick Coombe
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