Google has been on a roll lately.  We’ve been seeing a ton of new features being added to the SERPs almost every week.

Today we found out on Twitter that by Googling [artist name songs] it will return integrated YouTube results at the top of the SERPs.

youtube results in google

I’ve tried about 30 different queries for non-music YouTube queries that seemed to be popular and nothing else seems to be popping up.

The only other query that I’ve seen “work” is [artist name song title].

youtube results in google 2


Which will return a SERP that looks like this:

youtube search results


You can scroll left to right, and a brief description appears beneath each song as well as the duration of the video.  It appears to be the same “carousel” functionality as Google’s local carousel feature that was released earlier this year.

Another feature that I’ve recently noticed within the SERPs is [artist albums].

google serp artist albums


Also noticed when you do a query for [artist members] it will return another carousel:

artist members

I don’t stay up to date on every new feature that Google rolls out, but this is definitely new to me.

Google is doing whatever it takes to keep users on their site as long as possible.

I can’t be certain if this is part of the new Hummingbird update, but I’m pretty sure it is packaged along with it.

It makes sense that this is sort of a pre-release to Google’s announcement that they are going to be changing the original YouTube comment system over to Google+ style comments.