It has been an amazing year at Elite Strategies. One of the primary things we’ve been focusing our attention on this year is our blog.  We’ve been lucky enough to see a tremendous amount of growth in our blog, with over 300% increase in visitors over the past year.

One of the biggest reasons for this growth is the fact that we’ve invited new authors to write for us.  To date, I believe we now have over a dozen registered authors on our blog and getting new requests all the time.

We are now allowing the general public to apply for guest posting opportunities for the Elite Strategies blog.

elite traffic

Our blog has tripled in growth over the past year.

General Guidelines

All posts should be about or relating to the following niches:

  • search engine optimization
  • search engines / news
  • social media
  • conversion rate optimization
  • pay-per-click
  • small business marketing
  • UX
  • branding and design
  • “industry news”
  • anything in between



All posts must peak our interests. A good example of a post we don’t like are things like “top 5 SEO tips for small businesses” or “how social media can help your brand.”

We only post quality content that we find unique, interesting, and relevant to our industry.   We strive to make every post better than the last.

It should go without saying that we generally don’t use bad language and we try not to be offensive to anyone in our target audience.


All images must have a proper license or attribution. Any post that contains unlicensed images will be rejected.

If you would like for us to design a featured image we will be more than happy to do so.  Generally our featured images are designed to fit the style of our blog as well as your post.

Linking Policy

If it is immediately evident that you are only writing a post to get a link to your website we will most likely reject your post.  That is not to say you cannot link to your website if the link is a well placed and relevant citation.

Post Length

We generally do not have a required minimum post length.  In fact, our most popular post this year was below 200 words in length!

If you need a general guideline we find that most of our posts fall between 700 and 2000 words.

Types of Posts

Most of our posts are general blog style posts that talk about a feature, concept, or event.  We also allow a number of different type of posts:

  • how-to style  or tutorial posts
  • news discussions – wW generally don’t like to news jack, particularly if the story has already been written about on 35 other blogs already
  • reviews – We do allow honest and helpful reviews of products or services including our competition. We do not allow affiliate links anywhere on our site.
  • infographics
  • interviews
  • personal stories / case studies
  • video explainers
  • top X lists (it better be good!)


Grammar, Spelling, Etc.

We’re not crazy grammar nazis here at Elite Strategies.  We do ask that the post is well written and spell-checked for errors before submission.

If we find that the post is below our standards, we will either reject the post completely or make suggestions and ask that you rewrite it.

Post Submission Process

Write a post, and send it to us! It might save you some time if you want to pitch us an idea first, but if you have something already written up then by all means send it over.

Within 1-3 days we will review your post for approval and let you know. We generally don’t like to keep people waiting, and we love to make posts so it won’t be long at all.

If your post is approved we will create an account for you on our website and post the article for you.  Once your first post is approved we will give you account login credentials for our website. At this point you will be given the ability to write posts directly in our content management system.  You can save drafts and mark it for approval with us.

If  your post is breaking news like “Matt Cutts resigns, tells all in Tumblr post”, email us with a subject that will get our attention and we will ensure that your post is approved in a timely manner and published accordingly.

When you are ready to apply to guest post on our blog, visit our contact page and use the subject line “giraffe” to weed out any guest posting spam bots, which there are plenty of these days.


Depending on your level of skill and experience, we will compensate you for blogging for us. If you are new and are just looking for experience that is fine too.

Compensation varies depending on your skill level. An entry-level SEO working for an agency for a year would be compensated much different than if Dr. Pete from Moz came by to do a post.

In addition to normal compensation, your post will be read by thousands of people in the industry.

Thank you so much for your interest in writing for us, hope to talk to you soon!