At the very least, I glance at all messages that hit my inbox. As an SEO, I get a ton of SPAM inquires for link brokering, outsourcing, design, and everything else in between.

Some of these inquires are well crafted and sometimes even worth thinking about.

Others are just so bad and pathetic…well, I just laugh at.

Not exactly sure what a Google Certified IT company is…sounds legit.  There domain leads nowhere.

iso google certified

This poor chap included 100’s of SEO’s in an open CC.  Not only was it a SPAM email but he was then made fun of in a reply-all email thread by nearly everyone he cc’d.  Not classy.

give your list away

This one just made me angry.  Not only was he trying to sell me crap, but this email included an auto-generated page with a link back to our site.  Thanks for the SPAM link dude.  This might even be worth reporting to Google.

ebook spam

So they found us through an advertisement and did not click, yet we do not and have not ever advertised this domain anywhere.

web design SPAM

Just really bad.  Clearly from overseas in some Asian company and trying to pass off as they were from Miami.  Do they not know Miami is a few steps away from us?

outsource SPAM

I just threw this in as an example of what we get literally every day. People selling crap links for cheap.

advertising spam

Sure, I’d like a guest post on your blog when you cannot even KIND of use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

guest post spam

There is really no right way to SPAM someone, but there is definitely a wrong way, and these are some good examples.

Hopefully you had a good laugh at these.