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Last month, Facebook announced the release of Graph Search, a new feature that allows users to search for nearly anything within the parameters of the data that’s collected on the social network. For instance, a user can search for “restaurants that Facebook employees like”, or “my friends who live in Orlando, FL”. Besides being a unique way to search for things, Graph Search offers another opportunity for businesses to increase their visibility. Although Graph Search is only available to a limited audience for the time being, local search was introduced on day 1 and businesses are already optimizing their pages in order to be found by users who have access.

Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Having a business page isn’t the only way to get found on Graph Search, but it sure helps. If a user has added your business as a “place”, you can also be found, but these are the only two parameters. If you don’t have a business page, and nobody has ever checked in to your establishment via places, you won’t be relevant on Graph Search. The more people check in, like and engage with your business page, the better chances you have of being found. It won’t be uncommon for more and more users to start using Graph Search in order to find the places where they’re going to spend money.

Tips from Facebook

Facebook has given a few tips to businesses to help them get found on graph search.

1. Make sure the URL, business name, “about” section and category are all filled out and optimized 2. If you have a physical location or a local page, make sure your address is accurate and filled out 3. Make an effort to attract targeted fans to your page, and come up with ways to engage them

User Engagement

Basically, Facebook is saying that search results will be based on how many users interact with your page, and how relevant your page is to the search, based on how accurately you have filled out the info on your page. If you want to become relevant in Facebook Graph Search, it’s important that you come up with a strategy that helps you get more fan interaction. A few ways to do this is by holding contests on Facebook, offering promotions for interactions, and hosting a giveaway.

Using Pages for SEO is something that businesses need to do in order to rank overall and if your business hasn’t created an optimized Facebook page yet there is reason to do so now more than ever. The team at Elite Strategies has created dozens of beautiful and engaging Facebook pages for businesses and we would love to show them off to you. If you are interested in learning more or seeing some examples of our work, drop us an email or leave a comment below.

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