How to Report a Website to Google

Editors note: we are not a website removal tool nor do we offer this as a service, this is merely a “howto” post to get started.

There comes a time in the lives of many searchers where you come across a site and think, “wow, this is just terrible.”

If you ask anyone in my office, I am a huge believer in karma.  Not religiously, just the overall philosophy that the world will work itself out particularly in the SERPs.

I generally feel that if I follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines that my sites will rank.  I also feel that eventually the sites that are using spam/dupe content/etc will eventually be penalized.

For the most part, this is true.

There are a variety of reasons that you might want to have something removed from Google.  You might have stumbled across a blog that has unreadable content or perhaps you’ve found some of your copyrighted material being used on someone elses blog or website.

Any Site that Violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

This might be anything from using hidden text, cloaking, or sneaky redirects.   Believe it or not, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are pretty straightforward.

If you do feel as though a website has or is in violation of Google’s Guidelines, you can report them here:

This doesn’t include a lot of other violations, such as DMCA take downs, malware, phishing, and paid links.

A Guilty Penguin Site

When Penguin 2.0 was rolled out, Google released a form for webmasters and users to submit sites to that they felt were guilty of Penguin violations.  You can report any site you think might be in violation here:–0JoY9vKiJdIcMe44/viewform

Keep in mind that a lot of times you might be viewing ahrefs or Majestic SEO backlink data, but the webmaster has already disavowed backlinks.  For instance, one of our sites has about 5000 backlinks and we have picked up a few nasty backlinks over the years.  Although it looks like we are in violation of Penguin we have actually disavowed these links just to be safe.

How to Report Other Google Violations

There are dozens of other “infractions” that you might want to report to Google at any time.  For instance:

Google does a great job of weeding out the bad stuff, and generally has been known to take immediate actions for any serious issues.

There are other, “smaller” issues such as webspam which is an ongoing issue that never ends that Google just cannot get to.

Google receives over 5000 reconsideration requests per week.  You can only imagine how much SPAM is out there based on that number alone.

Report Something within Google’s Knowledge Graph

If you notice something wrong from within Google’s Knowledge Graph (usually the part on the side of the search results) you can report this by going to the bottom of the result and clicking “feedback.”

google knowledge graph corrections

Once you do that, sections will become highlighted all over the place. Click on the section you want to report and a box will pop up. Really bad stuff like profanity will generally get removed right away, false info will also get edited fairly quick. Other random information that isn’t correct but isn’t hurtful might take a bit longer to update.

Report a Phishing Page to Google

Phishing is the latest rage with Google. They make a website appear to look like a trustworthy website, in hopes of stealing your information. We recently came across an example of phishing when mis-typing in the wrong domain in the URL section of your web browser. Here you can see the attacker makes a website look like the Microsoft website:

To report a phishing website to Google, use their “report phishing page.” Once you navigate there, enter the URL of the phishing page, and any comments you might have.



Patrick Coombe
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  • Written by: Taushif Hashmi

    the website i am gonna report is not phishing, or crime but with that web page many internal student i been deceived in this page there is no attachment if it is then want to attach from google map. the website is (woodland california university)

    if you find this in google map it show you woodland community college but if you search the address in google map like

    3941 poplar avenue, San Diego, California

    then you know the truth. so, please banned/investigate because they are fraud.

  • Written by: William Exchange

    Very clear and easy to understand. It has helped me a lot.
    Thank you so much for providing such information and making things more easy to understand.

  • Written by: Jay Arch

    I found another “SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE INTERNET” website.

  • Written by: Jay Arch

    This is another website that needs to be banned.

  • Written by: Frank

    Getting calls from below mentioned website number
    they are hackers

  • Written by: Kathleen

    The website: has some great inspirational quotes to send others, however, since I have visited the site, I constantly get sent “How do you like my ***” and other obscene messages from them. I have tried to unfollow, delete their page or stop any further messages to no avail…I have done virus scans and hacking scans with a clean slate as a result. Anyway to stop them??? Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

  • Written by: Amy

    This site: is the nastiest website I know. It lists name, phone number, physical address and post office address of people without consent. If you go through their process of requesting a take down of your private information they use the new information to make additional and more sensitive listings so that you’re reduced to begging them. Why do you even list them in google searches? They should be sued.

  • Written by: James Akinson


    I worked for a website
    I bought membership from them I paid $250.Also I worked for them almost 3 months. They promised me during that time they will pay me. But they did not. They are not replying my email as well . Some information shows about this website exists from 6 years. I think they scammed lots of people. Still they keep continuing it . Also I saw many people unpaid almost 2 years.We want this types of fake website should to banned.

  • Written by: DPV

    This Nasty website pop up in my computer.I am a student and this all stays in my computers history and I really dont want trouble.I felt that if I didn’t report this it may cause trouble.Please make this web site gone for good.


  • Written by: Centurion Josephian

    Thanks for the beautiful article which helped me huge to learn about the reporting and I have been successfully reported the website.

  • Written by: lewis

    the people how own roblox allow people to hake players on there sites account and steal the in game currency for the site you have to buy they will refuse to help you get it back and allow hackers in to your personnel things in the sits profitless and if you wont the evidence i have all the emails from them that show they do not wont to help players on this site and will allow people to hack there site and i fear your site to google if you try for your self most to all the web links on there site go nowhere and they are really hard to get a holed of please look in to this google thank you

  • Written by: Fernando S.

    How do I report a website that doesn’t actually have the content in it, just in the advertisements? I went to a game site and I saw in the corner of my eye an advertisement of an underage girl doing explicit things. How do I report it to the Government, Google, etc?

  • Written by: wiziwiz

    how do we report hate sites? likre this one

  • Written by: Julie

    how can you report a website that promotes paedophilia?

  • Written by: Carrot

    How do I report a hate site? This site, , claims to spread the “truth” about people with Asperger’s Syndrome, when in fact it is doing the complete opposite – it’s full of lies. Having AS does not make you abusive, narcissism is not a trait of it (in fact many people with AS often have anxiety, depression and issues with low self-esteem), and most people with AS care about other the exact same way that everyone else would. People with AS can feel empathy. The site says that they actually cannot and they just think they can because that’s part of the syndrome, but that’s like telling someone who’s sad that they’re not really sad, they just think they are. The author is not a mind-reader. I think she’s just really mad at her ex so she made this site to feel better. Everything it says is just untrue. If you’re mean and you have AS, that’s just because you’re mean, it’s like saying all people with red hair are horrible just because one person with red hair was nasty to you. Having AS does not make you any more likely to be violent, in fact people with AS are much more likely to be abused. What can I do about this? It’s awful.

    • Written by: Patrick Coombe

      Hello Carrot – We get a lot of these questions about reporting websites. Sadly, there is very little you can do about websites that aren’t based on fact. Your best bet is to maybe see if you can contact the owner of the website, and offer your services as an editor, to see if you can get them to change their content. It seems like they have good intentions, but misleading.

      If you still want to report, your best bet is to find the site in the search engine results page, click “report” and go from there.

  • Written by: Amjo Su

    How do I report a website that has featured an image of my friends for doing something they have not? Their names and images appear on this site and sadly, they are not involved in such activity, yet a hater (former friend) has done this to display personal vendetta. Please help me find a way to report this website and to take their names and photos down as it’s highly embarrassing to family and friends who happen to come across this.

    • Written by: Patrick Coombe

      Hi Amjo – thanks for asking, interesting question. I’ll need some more information in order to respond correctly. Can you email me at patrickfl AT

      At least I’ll need:

      1. the domain where the photo is
      2. full permalink if you are able to show me
      3. where you found it / how you discovered it

      there are multiple ways to get a photo taken down, but none of them are foolproof.

      thank you!

  • Written by: JOHN



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