Partnership Announcement with FAU

A few announcements, things worth mentioning, and some news in the industry.

Elite Strategies is currently negotiating a partnership with FAU to accept interns. As supporters of higher education, we consider this a win-win situation, being able to help the youth of tomorrow learn more about the industry, and also contribute to our vision of helping business of palm beach county and beyond with their internet marketing campaigns.

Other news, Google make another attempt at a social network. Simply named Google +, Googles new social media interface is simple, and easy to use. This is their third attempt at a social network for them, the two prior attempts being miserable failures. We look forward to offering this as an option for our customers if this pays off.

Just a thought. Patience. Some of our new customers call us after 1 week and are wondering where their product is. With Google Adwords, one is able to see almost immediate results and see an increase in numbers right away. Regarding SEO, it takes time. Many people ask us how long is this going to take. It is always a different amount of time. There are many different factors that come into play when thinking about these issues. Competition, other seo companies working against us, budget, backlinks, industry saturation. Those are just a few things that may cause rankings to take anywhere from 1 week to several months. There are a lot of people that find several months as unacceptable (worst case scenario), however think about the upside: longevity (your placement will be fixed for a long time, years in some cases), ROI, the simple choice of getting more customers, public relations, and having that edge. So I ask our new customers to have patience with us. We provide results to everyone, we have never had a failed case and have come out of pocket in some instances. We thank you for your patronage and your belief that technology can better your business.

Patrick Coombe
Hello I'm Patrick Coombe and I'm the CEO and Founder of Elite Strategies, an agency I started in 2009. One of the main reasons I love blogging about SEO is the research it takes to come up with the posts. It allows me to not only write about what I love, but to learn more about the industry in the process. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did consider sharing it or even better linking to it!

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