Not everything in life comes with strings attached.

We’ve developed yet another set of 54 free SEO / inbound icons and images free to use. If you didn’t see our first set of 81 SEO / inbound icons you can download them here as well.

We don’t money, your email, or your contact information. You don’t even have to like our Facebook Page.

Just keep us in mind :)

 Note: This is a lower quality image used for web display.

seo icons images preview

About these images

I really tried to break the mold in terms of the SEO and inbound related icons that you see out there. They just all kind of blend together and look the same. While some of these might resemble some icons and images that you’ve seen before, I created every pixel from scratch using Photoshop.

I made the mistake of calling my first set of designs “icons” when in fact they were not officially icons.

All of these images:

  • are 1000 x 1000 pixels
  • have a transparent background layer
  • are RGB/8
  • come in PSD and PNG version
  • are layered to the best of my ability

What I wish I did:

  • made everything vector based
  • SVG’d them
  • defined a color theme and stuck to it
  • did a smaller version package for icons

You can download the zip file here which contains all 54 SEO / inbound icons and images  PSD & PNG format. Enjoy!