Benefits to Interning With Elite Strategies

For the past year, we’ve been accepting applications for interns to work in our Delray Beach, FL office.  We’ve mainly only accepted students from FAU but have also seen students from PBCC (now Palm Beach College).  We are even seeing people who want to go in a new career direction.

Here are the main benefits to working as an intern with Elite Strategies:

  • It’s great resume builder.  Working for a national internet marketing agency is sure to beef up any resume.
  • Flexible schedule – we will work with your schedule and come up with whatever fits you best.
  • Written curriculum – if you are currently enrolled in a higher learning institution, we will give you a curriculum that meets the needs of your coursework requirements.
  • Applicable learning!  You won’t be fetching coffee and running errands.  We’ll teach you skills that will guarantee to make you a better person.  Within 3 months we’ll show you how to add an extra $10-50k on your first salary.
  • We might hire you – If you show promise, dedication, and raw talent, there is a good chance we will hire you.  Show us how you’ll increase our ROI on any service we offer, and we guarantee you a position.

You will learn a variety of skills while interning for us.  A few positions that we can help you train for are:  organic search specialist, inbound search related positions, content marketer, PPC specialist, website designer/developer, and more!  We’ll take you in whatever direction you feel that you want to go in.  Here are a few of the skills that you might pick up while working for us:

  • Link building – One of the largest building blocks of SEO (search engine optimization).  We’ll show you what links to build, and how.  We will show you not only the right way to build links, but how to leverage content to make it happen.
  • Content writing – Not just data entry.  Proper content writing will allow you to open up new doors in organic search that you didn’t even know about.
  • Branding – We design full branding packages for our customers, we’ll show you the ins and outs of branding a company, from business cards to vehicle wraps.
  • PPC marketing – This billion dollar industry drives sales on every major eCommerce website in the world.  We’ll show you how to optimize campaigns that convert.  You’ll learn split testing, CPC’s, CTR’s and ROIs all while helping companies make more money.
  • Social Media – We live in a digital age.  Our communities aren’t churches and schools anymore, it is Facebook and Instagram.  You will learn not just how to Tweet, but how to leverage social media to help businesses attract more customers.

And plenty more!  Elite Strategies is a super laid back company that is serious about business.  You can come to work casually dressed and work in a fun atmosphere.  If you are looking for an internship close to Boca Raton or right in Delray Beach, and are looking to work in the field of internet marketing, marketing, or SEO – this is the place.

If you are interested in interning for us, give us a call at 561-526-8457 or email us at [email protected]