Improving Your SEO and Abandoning Old Techniques

Karen Neicy

In a post-Panda update, SEO apocalypse it’s not difficult to understand why many people are struggling to maintain their old SEO strategies despite that fact that they aren’t working anymore. There are a number of techniques that aren’t doing the trick, many from before the Panda update, and it’s time to move on and focus on more relevant strategies that matter to search engines and to users. Your SEO techniques should be relevant to users, not search engines, in order to become successful.

Fix Your Content

Writing content for the sake of having content (or writing “thin” content) isn’t going to work. Writing content that’s informative and valuable to users will boost your SEO. Publishing duplicate content of any sort, thin content or weak content will do absolutely nothing for your website. Duplicate content could even penalize you. Outsourcing your content is also a bad idea. The quality almost always suffers, and search engines can easily pick up on it especially if you are automating a content service, which brings us to the next point.

Stop Using Automated Anything

Automated forum posting, blog posting, Tweets, Facebook updates and the like are all a huge waste of time. If you aren’t manually spending the time to write the content that is being pushed out, chances are it looks like spam by the time it reaches users. If you ARE taking the time to manually schedule posts and tweets, you might as well do it yourself. Automating these types of updates will only make you appear less relevant because, well, you are.

Publishing Newsworthy Press Releases

Press Releases without newsworthy content are a huge waste of time and money. Unless you have relevant news that the public will be interested in, there is no point in spending a few hundred dollars to circulate an article that nobody is going to read. Relevant press releases can do a lot for a business, so it’s important not to waste the opportunity.

How Do You Know?

We currently have over 100 keywords for a range of clients who rank on the first page of Google, and have been invested in keeping up to date with the latest inbound, organic marketing techniques over the past five years. Aside from ranking our clients for specific keywords, we consistently produce successful press releases, content, and SEO friendly website design for our customers. We have an invested social media team that specializes in engaging new business and increasing our clients ROI. We never use “black hat” techniques and our entire staff is in-house. Right now, we’re working on a website re-design that will focus on showcasing some of the exciting work we’ve been doing in 2013. We look forward to sharing it with you sometime in the near future.

Kelsey Cesar
Kelsey is the lead content marketer for Elite Strategies.
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