Wham Bam, Thank you Matt – another link network receives a manual action from the long arm of justice aka the Google webspam team.

Earlier today, Cutts sent out a tweet that sent a surge of anxiety through blackhats throughout the industry:

buzzea link penalty

Buzzea Responds via their Website

(text translated via Google translate)

Press Release # BuzzeaDay

In Dublin, January 29, 2014

As you know , Google has decided to penalize us today via a tweet from Matt Cutts famous .

This marks the end of an adventure for our team but also the end of our collaboration with thousands of publisher sites , agencies and advertisers who have given us their trust.

We have enjoyed working for 4 years , allowing bloggers to remunerate their work and influence in all areas because it is a largely underestimated by the general public but also by communication services activity.

We would still add a few words:

It was indicated that we were a ” network links” , we wish to oppose this assertion since we never stopped wanting to keep the ethical side of sponsored articles focusing on quality and natural links created .

Indeed, Buzzea is an advertising network that sells items before providing any relevant content to users and facilitating navigation through the links they contain , which is characteristic of any item online. It is important to understand that advertisers are not only trying to work through their SEO Buzzea . They wanted above all to improve their image and credibility by taking advantage of the reputation of bloggers recognized in their respective fields and their editorial quality , in the image of traditional sponsorship .

Buzzea The team would like to highlight the fact that we are not the main victim of this decision which will impact on a case by case thousands of publishers removing their perhaps their main source of income , which we deeply regret . It is a sacred step back for a dynamic and passionate blogosphere approached professionalization.

Finally, we wish to thank warmly course our various partners. We sincerely hope that the sanctions will be limited to our company. It would be truly unjust that thousands of bloggers and advertisers suffer from this illegal and abusive decision.

PS: In order to limit the impact of this decision for our partners , we invite various bloggers who participated in campaigns to pass all links Nofollow their articles .


The Buzzea team.

The Latest of Many Penalties

Many of you remember the Rap Genius penalty that happened on Xmas morning.

Expedia.com also received some action as well.

Before that a number of other PBN’s or “private blog networks” were outed and penalized.

Google Goes International

Up until today, the primary focus of Google’s webspam team, at least publicly has been to focus on websites and entities within the USA. Today shows that countries outside of the US are not immune to their wrath.