There is no doubt about it, the webs best designers and brands are moving towards a much cleaner and flatter look and feel.

This is evidenced by countless websites as well as mega brands such as the Apple iPhone and Microsoft switching their entire look and feel to a “flat” one.

microsoft windows flat design

Microsoft is flat across the board (no pun intended) in their newest website, phones, tablets, and operating systems.

mailchimp flat UI design

Countless other websites are also switching to a flat look, such as Mailchimp.

Google’s new logo has basically made the following changes:

  • the new Google logo has shed the drop shadow element from the letters
  • as a result of the drop shadow being “dropped” from the logo, it gives the appearance of lighter colors
  • the new Google logo has also shed the beveled effect which gives the logo a much more “flat” effect.
google new flat logo design

Google’s new logo, rolling out now.

I like it, I really do but then again I generally like any kind of innovation.

Modern websites are shedding its 3D and skeuomorphic  designs in favor of flatter, minimalistic and thinner designs. Modern website browsers demand simplicity, and older designs with all sorts of drop shadows and other faux 3D elements made websites confusing and difficult to navigate.

Google’s newest logo change is just a reflection of the overall climate of the web.

New Google Logo Png

google flat logo

New Google Logo JPEG

Google Flat Logo Jpeg


More Google Changes

Google is also ditching the navigation bar across the top of Google’s home page and product pages in favor of a less invasive menu that will drop down when clicked.