Over the last few months I’ve personally set out to learn Photoshop so that I can become a more well rounded marketer.  In addition to my 30 Images in 30 days project, I’ve also been fooling around with creating SEO related images and icons.

Update: if you like these icons then you will love version 2 of these icons. 54 more SEO and inbound related icons / images for free download!

If you check out a lot of the mainstream image libraries / stock image websites and look for SEO icons and images you will most likely find a ton of images that look exactly the same across the board.

Note: Not only am I a beginner but you may very well find inconsistencies in these images. I never planned on distributing these to the public so let that be known.

On the other hand, I did put a lot of care into these images. Each image was carefully crafted in Photoshop. These definitely are not vector images so they won’t scale up however each image should be 1000 x 1000 pixels which should be more than sufficient for most web editing. I also wanted a way to give back to my fellow SEO’s.

My goals for these images were to not only create some great SEO icons but to be symmetrical as well.

While all images are not transparent 99% of them should have a background layer easily removable in Photoshop.

SEO images and icons download PSD


All images were created in RGB mode at 72 ppi.

PSD download SEO icons

Also I tried to keep all images completely flat, so that you can add your own effects and layer properties at will. No crazy shadows or stokes on any of these images.

SEO images PSD download


Last but not least a preview of a few of these images:

seo icons download


I included a license in the zip file. I basically want to avoid anyone reselling these and stuff like that. Also please give me some sort of attribution (a link, tweet, share) if you do end up using these.

Feel free to use these images wherever you want, but like I said I am still a beginner so you should probably double check a lot of these.

Download the zip file here which contains 81 PSDs & PNGs as well as a README file.

Hope you enjoy!