How to Find Relevant Content Subjects

Karen Neicy

One of the best ways to attract users to your product or brand is by publishing interesting content on a weekly basis via a blog. In order to be compelling, make sure that you are publishing content that’s relevant. Take some time to research what’s trending in your industry and then find decent subject matter and offer your own take. This works well if you are in a bind, or at a loss for what to write about. The best way to attract new fans or customers is to stay relevant and become an authority within your particular niche. There are a number of different tools you can use in order to help facilitate this process.


Twitter is a micro blogging platform that has its own built in search engine. You can search for any topic, and find relevant news on that topic by exploring different tweets. Any term with a hash tag in front of it is searchable material that you can use as a resource to find things to write about.

Google Alerts

If you haven’t set up a Google Alert for all the key terms in your industry, you are missing out on a great resource that you can use to help you create interesting content. Google Alerts help you stay relevant and they serve as a personal news delivery service. Best of all, its FREE. You can determine the frequency of the notifications you receive as well as what type of news you’d like to receive. For instance, you can set up a Google Alert to email you every piece of news that’s published in a day and includes the word “SEO” as they happen, or you can chose to only receive news that contains SEO in the title of the article, once a day. is a great news website that uses a creative interface in order to deliver current news. The website categorizes news based on relevancy and popularity using a color schemed system that is user friendly and simple to visualize. This website can help you visualize the popularity of different news stories within specific industries.


Reddit is a website that publishes the most popular user generated news links. The front page of Reddit contains some of the most powerful stories on the internet and it is updated throughout the day based on the popularity of the links. Reddit can be used in order to find interesting points of view on popular news stories, stories that you won’t see on typical news outlets, and trends on the internet.

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