Elite Strategies Internet Marketing Scholarship

Scholarship Eligibility & Availability:  Available to Florida residents only who are currently enrolled in, or are scheduled to be enrolled in Florida Atlantic University (any campus).

Elite Strategies is an internet marketing company located in Delray Beach.  We are firm believers in higher learning, and believe that through cultivated students through training and internships, we can build better employees.  This scholarship is geared towards students in the Marketing Department with an emphasis on internet marketing, preferable MBA in marketing, BS/BA in marketing, or Major in Computer Science with a Minor in Marketing.

More information: While many scholarships are strictly based on grades, standardized testing, and other factors, we believe that these are not always the best attributes to define success.  This program will determine the winner of the scholarship through our determination of the students understanding and drive towards this career path.

To enroll in this scholarship, students will need to complete a “live essay.”  This essay will be judged not only on how well it is written, but how well it is syndicated as well.  To receive more information on the exact details of the scholarship live essay requirements, fill out the contact form below.

At a minimum, applicants must have:

  • GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Independently demonstrate the ability to want to be in the internet marketing field
  • A focus on marketing/internet marketing
  • Florida residency and enrolment in FAU as described above

Program Selection: Elite Strategies will select up to 3 recipients in 2013.  The first phase begins in April of 2013 and will close in July of 2013.  At that time Elite Strategies will award the recipient(s) of the scholarship.

Program Benefits: In addition to a $100 scholarship to be used for education, Elite Strategies will provide the following to the student:

  • A fast track to our internship program.  Scholarship recipients will be eligible to participate in our in-house internship program, which will help students get acquainted with the industry.
  • Endorsement –Elite Strategies will publish your completed essay on our blog and give a written endorsement to future employers.
  • Networking – Students will have the opportunity to network with professionals in the field.
  • Career Advisement – Students may receive career advisement from our staff to aid in their job search.

To get started fill out the form below:

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