We love whiteboards here at Elite Strategies.  Jotting stuff down, taking notes, keeping track of clients is all kept track of on whiteboards (at least the short term stuff anyway.)

From an organizational standpoint, we have 3 whitebaords in our office:

Whiteboard 1: Presentations Etc

This is our newest board  because Sam our developer took over our presentation board. Whiteboard 1 is for presentations and things of that nature.  We keep it around for everyone to jot down notes, or draw up a plan for a website structure etc.  It’s not meant for anything long term, and if you use it you agree that anyone else can erase it if it is left up there for more than a few hours.

Whiteboard 2: Newest Clients

New clients.  We have our last 20 clients on this board at all times, just so everyone know who’s who.  This ensures that no mistakes are made from an accounts standpoint.  We also have columns for “Is it in Basecamp yet” which checkboxes and one for “What are we doing for them” which can be anything from SEO to application design.  We taped it off using “crepe tape” which we still don’t know why it is called that to form rows and columns for better organization.

Whiteboard 3: Ticket System AKA “Sam’s Board”

AKA “Sam’s board.”   This white board exists to keep track of “high priority” projects.   For instance if a client calls in and has a major issue it will go on that board right away so everyone knows it is ok.  Kind of like a ticket system but less likely for people to ignore because it is in everyone’s face.

We also taped this off with crepe tape to form a table for better organization.

The Design

Our office is in a building with other offices (some of them our are clients) so we wanted to spice things up a little bit.  It started last year when we painted our office bright shades of blue, orange and green.

Sure we’ve had some criticism but overall people seem to like it.  Our staff says that it lightens up the mood and makes it a more fun place to work.

We started adding some flair and the next thing we knew we ended up with this design on our East wall:

whiteboard wall design

To some people our industry is boring, so we wanted ot make sure our office wasn’t.