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Cities with Most SEO Jobs According to Craigslist

Recently we were talking about the best places in the country to find a job in the SEO sector.  Most of us immediately thought of Silicon Valley due to the large amount of startups and other tech companies. So we did what any other SEO blog would do, scoured the top 20 cities on Craigslist weeding through all of the SPAM and other nonsense to find where the most jobs were.

So Why Craigslist?

We all know Craigslist has a reputation for being wishy-washy.  We also know that when the going gets tough and you really need a job, it is probably the first place you are going to navigate to.  We checked out Career Builder and Monster which had some data, but wasn’t as nearly as easy to extract as Craigslist, and from a quick view, had much less jobs than CL>

We chose the top cities by going to Craigslist and going to “US Cities” and choosing the cities that Craigslist deemed most popular.

In order to get a good data point, we agreed that we would exclude any positions that were strictly development, design, or data entry.  It was ok if the job allowed for some coding or design, but we are looking for jobs that were primarily seeking SEO technicians/managers/specialists, etc.

Here are the factors that we included in this small research we did:

  • Must be an SEO job, not design or coding strictly
  • Only search Craigslist in the “web” section
  • Only search the Month of March (making the data set the past 2 weeks)
  • Note interesting job titles along the way

Figure I – Spreadsheet of Cities, number of jobs, and example job titles

seo jobs by US city

Most Popular SEO Jobs by City

Figure II – Which Cities have the most SEO jobs posted on Craigslist

best seo jobs by US city

Best SEO Jobs by City

Downloadthe table/graph in Excel format if you wish.

As you can see, there are some clear winners.  LA and Miami being the winners in this scenario.  We would really like to go back and do a test of a 3 month span to see if this data holds up, but this was more of a fun experiment than anything.

A lot of you might be wondering, why Miami?  Interestingly enough, we are based in Delray Beach, FL which is very close to Miami.  Miami and South Florida in general is loaded with internet marketing companies.  There are 10-15 in my little city alone, with a bunch of other web design companies and social media startups.  Quite a few of them have a very strong client base and often give us a run for our money.  According to US Census data, Miami is the 44th “most populated city” which actually surprised me.  Miami alone has almost 80,000 local businesses, with a ton of national and international headquarters based in Miami.  Census data also tells us that there are 600 marketing agencies in Miami Dade county alone.

LA is a little bit more obvious.  It has a very strong economy, a ton of businesses, and a lot of people looking for more exposure. A few of these cities I was a little surprised about.  Dallas being one of them.  Dallas has a fairly decent economy and I know of a few SEO companies in Dallas that do very well.  Portland surprised me as well, it has a huge tech sector and a really big overall Craigslist presence as well.

De-spamming and De-duping the Data

Of course we had to get rid of the garbage.  We found evidence of bots in almost every city with “work from home” related ads disguised as SEO jobs.  We also found listings that were just plain suspect so counted those out.  Then there were “national” companies that advertised in every city, or many cities which we removed.

About the Jobs

There are a lot of jobs out there.  If you are single, bi-lingual and ready to travel, you can find yourself a job in the SEO niche in no time.   Most of the jobs that we saw were working for agencies as the primary technician.  The next runner up was an SEO technician in an agency as part of a team.  We saw a lot of jobs for specific tasks such as link building and on-page optimization, but many of them just wanted a sharp individual that knows the principles of SEO to work as part of a team.

We also saw quite a few listings for people to work in-house for a company to do SEO on their own website.  In most ads, it appeared as though they were very unrealistic.  One ad asked for an SEO that also knew PPC, was great at Photoshop and knew HTML, Javascript, and PHP.  If my calculations are correct, someone with all of that knowledge is sitting at home running mega-affiliate sites counting stacks!

Then we just found ridiculous ads, such as this:

seo for in-house job

You Want Me to Do What?


I must admit, the copy in this job ad is very well written but still ridiculous.

We also saw responses to jobs that were very opinionated:

best city to find seo job


A Few Tips for Getting Hired

Not giving out any resume tips etc, just some advice.  We aren’t hiring at all right now but if the right person came along with a good pitch, I’d hire them in a second.  Here are a few tips:

  • Show them that you are a good team player and a good communicator.  Do this in the interview by referencing examples and LISTEN to what the interview is asking/saying.
  • Give a plan of action of how you can help improve ROI in the company
  • Let them know that you are in it for the long haul, and want to be a fixture in the company.

Other than that, just make sure you meet the requirements, and come ready with examples of work you’ve done.

Final Thoughts

I work in a small office with a group of tight knit people.  We all work together and make decisions on who to hire as a team.  I’ve read over 500 resumes and have interviewed hundreds of people for sales, SEO, design, and development.  I’ve seen some of the most amazing resumes from the most talented people in the world, complete with follow-up thank you cards and emails with cover letters.  I’ve also seen “job inquiries” that were borderline insulting.

My advice to anyone looking for a job is to find a good company.  Don’t find a company that is here today gone the next, has huge turnover or employees who hate working there.  Find an office where everyone is having fun and working hard.  Find an office where your boss encourages feedback and side projects, and most of all find a place that will personally satisfy you.

If the interviewer dances around your questions or can’t answer simple questions such as “what are your link building practices,” run for the hills.  Find an ethical company that wants to help their customers.  The last thing in the world you would want is for you to go down with the ship and your name to be associated with a PR nightmare.

Disclaimer, of sorts – in no way was this meant to be comprehensive, or even accurate for that matter.  This was only meant to be a guide to show which cities appeared to have the best jobs for SEO’s and internet marketers.

Frank Fitton

Frank Fitton

Frank currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL and attends Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. He previously attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. He has covered sports for both schools newspapers and written for numerous websites on a variety of topics. Frank has been active in social media for businesses for the past 6 years running the accounts of everything from a debt management company to an adult nightclub. In his free time he enjoys college football, golf, art, and films.

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