Content Writing For The Unenthused

With the internet being such a vast space, the amount of content that develops every minute is truly overwhelming – which means you shouldn’t be surprised if about 80 percent of it is not interesting to you. Now, as a content writer, it can become a hassle with having to entertain your audience. There are several popular blogs that have lost their traffic over the years because their content went from reading quality text to hearing the teacher from Charlie Brown in your head.

Now, as someone who is just delving into the content marketing world, being able to accommodate all clients can be a chore – because you have to be just as excited about their product as they are… in about 200 words. If you’re also just dipping your toes into the content writing pool, you’ll also soon be amazed at what people can make a business out of.

So, what are the tricks of the trade when you’re writing a blog post for a company that may not necessarily spark your interest? Well, let me share with you my experience…

Make It Interesting

The only way to get yourself involved in a blog post is by researching your topic to the point where you find one interesting fact about it. Nearly every business on the internet has developed their own lingo, and as a content writer, it is your job to learn that lingo, and make their work interesting to you – because if it’s not interesting to you, it won’t be to your readers. People trail off far faster while reading than they do while watching television (obviously), which is why the job of content writing is actually a job.

content marketing

Don’t bore your readers with an already boring subject.


Avoid Rambling

Often times when you try sounding smart, you sound stupid – point blank. If you are not comfortable with the topic you are writing about or seem uninterested by it, the viewer will be able to read it between your lines. Sometimes, rambling can be the worst thing you could do because you’re just throwing in random words that get lost before they’re even in translation. So, take a minute – let the potential headlines run through your head, develop your who – what – where – when – why – and go from there.

Dig Deep

Get as deep into your topic as possible. There are over 29.7 billion pages of content on the internet – which means that you can definitely find something that remotely sparks your interest. If you’re a content writer, then you most likely have a passion for writing so, utilize that passion to understand the target and crank out some killer content that you and your audience find intriguing. Sometime’s, a required blog post will call for you to just throw on your headphones, put on some electronic jazz and go through all the Google search catagories with your target keywords.

Example? Let’s say your writing a content for a jewelry designer and all their products are handcrafted – Google Search “Why handcrafted jewelry is better,” and use the Search Tools: Web – Blog – News. By using those three tools, you’re giving yourself a better chance of understanding your topic.

Cut The Jokes

Text can often get lost in translation, which is what people often say when they are texting back and forth or even emailing. Conveying emotion is very difficult, especially when your audience has most likely never met you – so, they don’t understand your tone. In real life, I am often sarcastic, which can come across in a harsh manner over the internet – therefore, I avoid it, as should you. The more posts you write, the more you’ll learn to develop your voices – rather than having your own private blog where you can rant away, you need to channel yourself into the clients mindset. Determine who their audience is and their target demographic – then go from there, because you won’t be writing a Buzzfeed type post for a company that distributes car parts – am I right? Yes.

Now, with that being said – go write your killer content even if you have some clients that are not necessarily appealing to you as a writer, because it’s your job and writing is your passion. So, get back to work!

Kelsey Cesar
Kelsey is the lead content marketer for Elite Strategies.
  • Written by: Antonino Bologna

    Another solid post Kelsey!

    These are some great tips, I especially enjoyed the last one when you stated; “Text can often get lost in translation.” This is one thing that I tend to struggle with at times as I find it hard to convey emotion when I type.

    That’s why in most cases I just try my best to type with an unbiased outlook.
    Keep up the posting, I’ll be back for more of these rowdy tips!

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