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It is only by analyzing our data, tracking visitors, and scrutinizing our analytics, that we are able to better understand how SEO and organic traffic can better serve our customers.  There is no better feeling in the world than one of our clients gets a huge surge in traffic, and their phone rings off the hook.  It isn’t easy, and there is a lot of hard work that goes into making a successful case study – but it can happen. Our case studies are not only a testament of our work, but a learning process for us as well.


SEO Case Study: Utilizing Call Rail to Leverage Google My Business Results

In this case study we look at how you can integrate CallRail with Google My Business to yield superior results. Our SEO services don’t stop at just ranking, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the tools needed to succeed in today’s world. Read the full case study here.

Case Study: Google My Business 68% Increase of Traffic in 1 Month

There are very little hidden secrets when optimizing a businesses Google My Business listing. We wrote the playbook on Google My Business optimization and have a long history of success getting our clients more visibility on the local SERPs and in Google Maps. In this case study, we take a look at a very aggressive GMB optimization campaign we carried out for our own business over the course of 30 days. During this time we pushed the limits of what we can do, which yielded amazing results in our competitive industry. Read the full case study here.

SEO Case Study 2016: Google De-indexed a Poorly Made WordPress Theme

In this case study, we assessed and analyzed the reason why Google “did not like” a website. We started off by doing a full assessment using Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) and determined that this website did not play well with Googlebot. In short, this parallax style WordPress theme was causing Google to not index the website, and therefore not rank the website. While it had a beautiful presentation and a great design, it was simply incompatible with Google.

Read the full case study “Google hates your WordPress theme” for more information.

SEO Case Study (2015: Doubled Traffic, Decreased Bounce Rate by 55%

This SEO case study is actually a combination of conversion rate optimization, website development and search engine optimization.

This client came to us with an awesome website, a strong brand, and a ton of content. Problem was, a ton of people were leaving her website due to a lack of call to action and an unfriendly layout & navigation. Our core team got on board for this project, and within a few weeks we were able to propel this website into the next phase of success with some hard work and dedication.

Quite often we see results like these, but in this case it happened fast! Read Full Case Study

Case Study (2013): Leveraging Pinterest to Double Website Visits

On April 1, 2013 we set off on a social media campaign for a national eCommerce site that would be a “game changer.”  Our client was in the health/beauty niche, and was struggling to get more website conversions.

Plan: Create a viral Pinterest campaign that will increase website visits, thus increasing conversions.

About a week later, traffic began to surge and our viral campaign went, well – viral.  Traffic tripled for the next week and doubled since then.  It doesn’t always happen this easy but this time we felt like the Michael Jordan of SEO’s.

There are a lot of details that went into this, but really it was all about creating an image, finding the right way to do outreach, and following up.

Read Full Case Study

Case Study (2014): Using Facebook PPC to drive small business leads

In this case study, we took advantage of a very small budget to drive leads for a muffler shop here in South Florida. This client ended up maturing into a full blown SEO and content marketing campaign for us, and we continue to show results for this client into 2015.

We’re proud to serve our clients, large and small and are so happy when we see results like these.

(In this case study we give a snapshot of actual leads generated)

Read Full Case Study

Case Study (2011): Using Creative PPC to Drive More Traffic on Holiday’s

We have one client that we absolutely love, and has been with us from the beginning, Debbie from Bonns Flowers.  We love working on Bonn’s Flowers, and have been very proud to be able to show them a high return on their investment (ROI) by using basic SEO techniques and using Google Maps.

On February 10th, we called Debbie with a plan.  We asked for some extra money to launch a PPC campaign on the days before Valentine’s Day in an effort to drive more sales directly through her main revenue channel.

Plan: Leverage PPC Keywords not being targeted by the large flower companies.

Instead of targeting “cityname flowers” or “florist in cityname” or the 100’s of other variations, we decided to think outside of the box, and bid on thousands of low quality keywords not-relating to flowers or florists at all!

And that’s what we did.  From February 11th well into the evening of February 14th, we ran several campaigns that caused a huge surge in traffic.  The campaign went so well, that we actually had to “turn it off” at around 2pm on Valentine’s Day.  Our client was completely exhausted by the end of the day, her inventory was completely gone, and sales for that day was a new record!

We don’t do a lot of PPC for clients, however we feel that “sprinkling in some PPC” during an organic campaign, at the right time can be extremely beneficial and profitable.

Case Study (2011(: (SEO) How 1 Lead Changed the Game Forever

In 2011 we embarked upon an organic search strategy for a local painter.  This painter was a 1 man show, with 1 truck, and worked for himself for 20 years in a small town.  As a client, his needs were very simple: he wanted more customers, and didn’t care how we did it.  So we did what we do best.  We started building links, doing outreach, building his social media properties, etc.  Within a few weeks, website visitors were up, and his phone started to ring just a little bit more.

2 months later, things were going great!  We didn’t knock it out of the park, but our client was very happy.  His phone was ringing a lot more, and he even asked his wife to quit her part time job in order to help him manage the business.

Then one day, a very short email came in:

Dear Mr. Parker,

We would like to receive a quote on painting our exterior building.  We have 3 walls that need to be painted that are roughly 30×10 each wall.  Please forward us your best quote.



This may have seemed like a normal lead, but it was actually the property manager from the local University, and was looking to have someone take over the contract for their school!  This potentially turned into a massive client for our client, and has since changed everything in his life.

We attribute a lot of this to having great search engine visibility and a little bit of luck.  We built a form into the sidebar of each page to make it easy for people to get a quote, and made the page very easy to navigate.  We also made the page look like an A1 professional painter, even though he was just 1 guy.  It gives us the chills when things like this happens.  One never knows when that next big client is going to come about, but one thing is for sure: you want to be visible when it happens.

There are many SEO case studies that we’ve done over the years but none of them compare to this one.

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