I was walking through our office today and noticed that one of our employee’s had a new business card holder. As I looked closer to see what it looked like, I was shocked to see the creative masterpiece before me.

It was a business card holder made out of his own business cards.

“I saw all the regular sized business card holders and didn’t like them.  Then I saw the DIY ones and just wanted something sleeker, tighter and more personalized for the business card I had.”

-Antonino Bologna

Quality engineering.  This card holder is not only made out of recycled materials, but showcases the actual business card within the holder.

The construction should be fairly self explanatory.  A few folds, a few staples and you are good to go.

Here are the pics:


business card holder front

business card front

business card holder left

business card holder empty

business card holder front empty

business card holder side empty