How To Beat Out The Content Marketing Kings

Content marketer’s everywhere are currently in a battle with the power houses of the online content world. Now, rather than trying to produce insane amounts of content daily to beat out the competition, there are better strategies on gaining the advantage. First, let’s take a minute to break down the current content overflow – just so you understand what you’re going up against…
  •  100 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube by the minute
  • 55 million Instagram uploads daily
  • 175 million tweets tweeted daily – since 2012

NOTE: All these stats are from the Huffington Post’s, 100 Fascinating Social Media Statistics and Figures From 2012.

The amount of content on the web is absolutely insane – I mean, if you Google “Make your own peanut butter,” you’ll get 38 million pages on how to make peanut butter. That would explain why Google’s index is around 40 billion pages and counting. So, why the sudden surge of content? The global implementation of content marketing.

eMarketer reported that 91 percent of business to business marketer’s use content marketing and 86 percent of business to consumer marketer’s do as well. So, all these companies trying to promote their brand are basically diving into the publishing world. Some brands out there are publishing up to five new posts a day on their website – that’s a ton of volume. Now, with all that volume, you would assume that they are dominating the search engine result pages [SERPS] – actually, these brands are not dominating SERPs because they don’t realize that they’re going up against content kings like, WebMD, and Wikipedia who are producing insane amounts of content on a daily basis.

If you have the goal of beating out these power houses – just stop, because you won’t be able to do it. They all have a staff solely dedicated towards producing content. There are 3 simple ways to making an impact within the content world…

Let Your Social Media Be Social

If you are short on content, the best way to expand your internet reach is by utilizing your social media accounts. In fact, 87 percent of business to business marketers use social media to distribute their content. Now, this doesn’t mean you can just start slacking off with the quality of your content – it still has to be entertaining to your target audience. The easiest way to see what works and what doesn’t with your social media content is by implementing analytics to see which posts generate the most attention.

Play Nice With The Content Kings

Obviously, the top content publishers have the largest reach in terms of gaining traction, but believe it or not – they are more focused on making their money through advertising. Sometimes if it takes a lot of your resources to produce quality content, purchasing ad space on one of the content king’s website’s will automatically generate more traffic to your page. Actually, purchasing ad space can be a better and smarter than investing in slew of content writers.

Prepare Your Content For The Long Road

You know how people say – you can Google anything? Well, that’s true and you can literally type in a full sentence and Google will have a legitimate result. Search queries are growing and becoming more defined and specific – therefore, content that is super specific is actually a benefit and helps attracting those paroozing the internet. Basically, the more specific your query, the better chance you have at increasing volume and conversion.

To adapt to the content marketing world, it is insanely crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest in new techniques. The more niches you develop and master, the better chance you have at being on top – of Google’s search.


Kelsey Cesar
Kelsey is the lead content marketer for Elite Strategies.
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