Unsplash is a great source for free images that you can do whatever you want with, and not have to worry about licensing or attribution.

Over the past year or so, I’ve used Unsplash amongst a number of other websites for stock images, blog post featured images and other uses. Here are 8 examples of creative ways you can use Unsplash images for featured images aka “hero image” on a blog.

All 8 of these images took no more than 45 minutes and I probably could have gotten it done in 30 if I could make up my mind a little easier.

This first image I decided to use a washed out look. Reduced the overall opacity to 40% then used a combination of Pacifico and Poplar fonts. I added a drop shadow with a light blue shadow color.

40 opacity poplar and pacifico drop shadow with light blue shadow color

This next one “juicing for hardcore vegans” I implemented an image overlay. This is just a box with reduced opacity. I used Snickles font with an inner green shadow.

blog post featured image 2

In this image I decided to use a color that would contrast with the black and white. I used Neo font with a glow that would allow the font to pop more on the washed out background.

blog post featured image from unsplash

This is one of my personal favorites. Black overlay with reduced opacity with FFF & Roboto font placed in the lower right hand corner.

blog post featured image unsplash 2

This image is actually a combination of 6 images. I took all images, sized them to the same size then combined them into one layer. I did this so I could match the tone, color, contrast, and brightness to the same level. Once I got the right look, I added Norwester font with a slight glow and shadow. I also added a very subtle pattern overlay to the font.

blog post featured image unsplash

Very simple, 40 opacity, Daniel font with drop shadow.

blog post featured image

This one I used Print Clearly font with a drop shadow, very simple.

examples blog post featured image

For this one I just cut out the letters, added them to a white background and added a slight drop shadow.

unsplash blog post featured image