8 Most Overused SEO Images

SEO Stock Image Wall of Shame

First of all, let me be clear – we are definitely guilty of using cheesy stock images.  We would like to announce that we are “in recovery” for terribly SEO stock images, and have vowed to stop using them at all costs.  One day at a time, together, we can stop using these images.

First off, a statistic – the first image featured on our list was used 3,545 times!  And that was just tinyeye.com, which isn’t that great at picking up on modified versions of the image. That is a sad sad figure. Friends and colleagues: we must stop using these images.

seo images

Arrow pointing up and search engines listed on cubes with “SEO”…nice

classic SEO image

Magnifying glass over the URL, resist the urge to put this on your site.

yup another SEO image

SEO with a bulls eye over the O. Catchy, but no.


stock SEO image 4

Smart guy mapping out SEO theory? Russel Crowe?


stock SEO image 5

Guy holding chain, I guess this signifies linkbuilding or something.


stock SEO image 6

More magnifying glass, and more search engines mer. Don’t forget yahoo!


stock SEO image 7

SEO with green guy, kind of an “organic” look. Probably the best of the worst. Still, no.


stock SEO image 8

“SEO” within a puzzle amongst industry terms. Ugh. Don’t forget “web logs” as part of your SEO Strategy!!

Did we miss anything?  I’m sure there are more, and there are a lot of variations of these, but these are the basics.  I would like to note that all of these images were designed very well, and the original designer should be very proud of themselves, its just the fact that they have been used over and over and over again without any regard for creativity.

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