More Facts About Vine

Vine is owned by Twitter.

Vine was named after (and is short fo) Vignette, which is defined as “a short impressionistic scene.” Vignette is also a photo filter in the Twitter app.

The official homepage of Vine is belongs to Amazon and was purchased for $500,000.

Vine does not require a unique username.

You do not need a Twitter account to use Vine.

Vine is free.

If you flip / reverse the Vine logo, it reveals the number 6…the length of the videos on Vine.

Vine videos are just MP4 format videos, playable anywhere.

Vine does not have a desktop application.

There are several 3rd party websites where you can view Vine, most of them aren’t that great.

The Vine with the most likes (and profile with most likes) is by Will Sasso, a comedian.  In one video he starts to sing but ends up spitting up a lemon.

5 Vines are Tweeted every second.

11am is the most popular hour on Vine.

Weekends are the most popular day on Vine.

5 Tweets per second contain a Vine link.

Vine launched in January of 2013.

There have been approximately 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 downloads of Vine on the Google Play store alone.

Vine has resurrected and popularized stop motion photography.

Vine is located in Union Square, NYC.

Vine believes that constraint (6 second videos) requires creativity, like Twitters 140 character limit.

In February 2013 reporter from Turkey used Vine to record the aftermath of a suicide bombing at the US embassy.

You can view and record pornography on Vine.

There are more embedded video enabled Instagrams than Vines.

Simply Measured offers a free Vine analytics tool by connecting with Twitter, but it only measures videos shared on Twitter.

To record a Vine video, either hold in the view finder on the camera app or tap it repeatedly.  Then save and share.

Vine videos infinitely loop.

You need to contact Vine to delete your account.

Twitter offers a Vine FAQ page.