3 Reasons Why I Didn’t Buy My Holiday Gifts From Your eCommerce store

This isn’t your typical technical eCommerce SEO article. By now you should have already read enough articles emphasizing the importance of having an eCommerce blog. I don’t have to convey the statistics, if you consistently blog, and deliver your readers valuable content your eCommerce store will see 5 times more website traffic than eCommerce companies who aren’t actively blogging.

eCommerce image SEO

You or your Webmaster should already know you now need to add ALT text to your eCommerce product images, and there are additional ways to optimize your images to increase traffic.

If you aren’t optimizing your images take a look at one of the biggest eCommerce stores. Tillys still isn’t doing this right and precisely why smaller brands must take advantage of these opportunities.

For Example The Query “Mens Black Boardshorts” on Google will result in www.tillys.com as the number one search result on my end.

 serp screenshot ecommerce

Consumers expect a visual shopping experience online; Pintrest is the number 1 social media network for eCommerce conversions, because it is a visual platform.

So how is Tilly’s missing out on opportunity? How did they go from number 1 page 1 to outside my radar.

2 serp screenshot

Tillys products are no where to be seen in the first 20 Google Image results, because they haven’t optimized their Alt Text for black board shorts. (amongst other things)

3 serp screenshot

If you aren’t sure if you have added ALT Text to your images, right click on a particular image to inspect the element and you should see the term alt=”optimize-your-ecommerce-images”.

Bonobos is a great example of a company that is doing it right.

4 html

In this example right after the product name you will see alt=Monday True Blues and as you predicted a Google Image search for Monday True Blues results in Bonobos in the top row.

5 serp screenshot

If you haven’t delved into eCommerce copywriting this is another important SEO subject but it’s not the reason I didn’t buy from your eCommerce store this year.

eCommerce Stores Need to Offer Free Shipping

Assuming you have analyzed your eCommerce analytics, you know your conversion rate, your cart abandonment rate, maybe you have even attributed a dollar value to each social media fan and email that you own.

If your eCommerce stores shopping cart abandonment rate is high maybe you realize it was attributed to high shipping costs. According to this study by Comscore 47% of consumers will abandon their cart if shipping is not included.

We covered creating an engaging eCommerce Blog with quality content, adding ALT Text to your eCommerce product images, eCommerce Copywriting, and the importance for eCommerce merchants to offer Free Shipping to increase conversions.

Yet I said this isn’t going to be a technical article, meaning I still haven’t got to the point of this article but having technical eCommerce SEO is crucial to your success so it was worth touching on.

Let’s get into the real reason why I did not buy from your eCommerce store this holiday season.

1. You neglect different buyer personas

I don’t enjoy shopping unless it’s quick and painless. It still amazes me how I can click a button and have exactly what I asked for sitting at my door in less than 48 hours.

An eCommerce store doing a great job at delivering different buying experiences for men and women is ASOS. When you think about it retail stores have been doing this for years, why is it taking so long for eCommerce stores deliver an exclusive experience for men and woman?

With my limited patience time every second I spend on your site is valuable, and it shouldn’t be wasted showing me things I am not interested in.

6 site

If you truly care about delivering your consumers a valuable shopping experience, just throwing a Girls and Guys section on your eCommerce site does not do it justice. You need to be creating unique content that resonates with your buyers.

Again ASOS is a great example because not only do they target personas on their eCommerce site, but also their eCommerce blog. For woman it’s mostly about discovering and with men it is very goal oriented. Earn your stripes for 100 Euros.

7 blog

2. You don’t give consumers a reason to come back

Congratulations, out of 644 million active websites, you managed to get me to land on your home page. According to AdRoll only 2% of buyers convert on their first visit, the other 98% need to be brought back.

It’s amazing how many eCommerce stores don’t take advantage of shoppers emails.

8 abandonIf I abandoned my shopping cart, send me an email similar to ASOS.

Better yet, offer me an incentive to make the purchase within the next 2 hours.

Create a different experience that is based on my behaviors on your website and I will purchase from you.

3. You forget to tell your story

Why did you start your eCommerce store in the first place? If the focus is to make money and you are a cost leader in your industry, make that known. If you have a unique story, why not share it with your customers.

Did your passion for selling products start as a hobby, did a family member get you into it?

As humans we need stories, we are biologically programmed to remember stories and especially ones that relate to us.

Hopefully the sole purpose of your eCommerce store isn’t to just make money, but to inspire change and create something unique and different. Something nobody else has done before, and if that is your goal the money will certainly come.

Mizzen+Main does a great job painting a picture of a sweaty team member running into a meeting during a hot summer day. The Founders Kevin and Web go even further by telling consumers their purpose as an eCommerce store and making themselves approachable and personable right on their website.

9 about story

To sum it all up, if you want me to buy from your eCommerce store you should target my persona, the less clicks to checkout the better, and this is especially true on mobile devices.

Now that you are on my radar give me a reason to come back, analyze my behavior on your site and find unique ways to draw me back in. But most importantly you need to tell your story or even better the stories of your customers and how you have helped them with your products.


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Luiz Centenaro focuses his day to day attention working with clients in organic search marketing. Currently in Fort Lauderdale, FL Luiz has worked with some of the most prominent eCommerce companies to help increase conversions and customer lifetime value.
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