What exactly is a manual SEO audit?

manual seo audit

We get asked quite often: what tools do you do to perform an SEO audit? The short answer: we don’t use any tools. The long

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A History of Famous Google Penalties

history of google penalties

Over the past 2 decades there have been a number of high profile Google search penalties. These penalties range from innocent mistakes, to blatant disregard

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Inheriting an SEO Penalty from Another SEO Company

In the past few years, we’ve encountered a number of scenarios where we start working with a new client, and 2-3 months later the client

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Tumblr SEO: An Internet Marketers Guide to Owning Tumblr

An Intro to Tumblr SEO Hello there to our loyal followers and new fans alike.  Today we will be talking about the wonderful world of

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