13 Pinterest Pages that are Doing it Right

In the past few months, we’ve been obsessed with Pinterest.  We just can’t seem to get enough of it, and we practically make it mandatory for all of our clients to take part in it.

During our exploration of this visually oriented social media site, we’ve come across some great Pinterest sites, and some not so great Pinterest sites.  Pinterest is all about sharing pictures and images that you find visually appearing.  Some Pinterest pages almost get it, uploading very long (in size) infographics that don’t really fit the mold.  Other Pinterest pages litter their boards with ugly imagery that drives users away.

If you’ve ever wondered, “what are the best Pinterest sites” or the most popular Pinterest sites, the following list will give you a good idea of what to look for.


This graphic designer covers all the bases. Fashion, blogging, style, design, and beauty. Over a million followers can’t be wrong! most popular pinterest pages

The Home Deopt Pinterest Page

Home improvement is a huge Pinterest niche, and statistics say that women are the primary motivators in making a home improvement decision. popular pinterest pages

The HTC Pinterest Page

Same with HTC. They don’t really fit in with the normal Pinterest demographic, but are doing a great job branding themselves by creating fun boards for people to browse. the best pinterest pages

Liz Fields Wedding Dresses

Liz Fields sells wedding and bridesmaid dresses to the masses. They drive more followers and website visits by promoting boards that everyone loves. top pinterest pages


Logitech Pinterest Page

Ok no millions of follower here. Logitech realizes that this isn’t their demographic, but it adapting to it anyway. most popular pinterest pages


The Louis Vuitton Pinterest Page

Women (and men) looooove Louis Vuitton. LV made some really amazing boards and they aren’t littered with the LV pattern you see everywhere.

most popular pinterest users


The Lucky Magazine Pinterest Page

One thing is for sure: if all you do is self promote you won’t get anywhere. Lucky Magazine does nothing but give excellent tips for their readers. the most popular pinterest pages


The Mercedes Pinterest Page

If you haven’t checked this page out before, then please do. The Mercedes Benz Pinterest Page is nothing short of bad ass. They have every series of Mercedes since pre 1950’s. top pinterest pages

The Michaels Stores Pinterest Page

Craftiness is another huge Pinterest niche. This set of boards does a great job of inspiring people to create projects that they can buy at Michaels!

the best pinterest users

The Moz Pinterest Page

Moz just rebranded from SEOmoz, so they had to start over with Pinterest. They moved all of their boards to this new page. The focus of the Moz Pinterest page is community, rather than products.

interesting pinterest pages


The RedBull Pinterest Page

Red Bull just does everything perfect. If this page doesn’t captivate you I don’t know what will. most popular pinterest pages

Remodelaholic.com Pinterest Page

As stated before, home improvement is a huge Pinterest niche. This Pinterest page has way more than roofing and electrical projects. most popular pinterest pages

The Elite Strategies Pinterest Page

Shameless self promotion. We take pride in our Pinterest Page and believe it or not get quite a bit of traffic from our Pinterest Page.

best pinterest pages

You can download this presentation on PDF here, if you’d like to take it with you.

Want to learn more about Pinterest? Check out our exclusive guide to marketing Pinterest.  This guide will walk you step by step to create a powerful Pinterest Page that will funnel traffic to your website.

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