I just thought this one was funny and relative.  Good job perfectaudience.com


Nothing says “social trust” more than a .gov.  I’m sure they are gonna kill it.


I recently liked a major car company and this campaign found me.  Decent ad.


Just wanted to note the importance of making use of an image in your creative.  HUGE difference in page real estate here.


First of all, I’m married  – so this ad is against FB Dating TOS.  Second – HOW is this girl still being used in a creative.  I’ve been seeing her since when I was online dating on POF 10 years ago!


Speaking of things of that nature, is this kosher?  Can advertisers/publishers target married men for divorce ads?


I love Snickers, but don’t speak a lick of Espanol.  Nothing in my profile or any of my friends are avid Spanish speakers either.


Starting to see more and more mem-ish ads, intadesting.


Worst ad, and is breaking at least 3 TOS rules.  Special characters.  Redirects to an app that redirects to a flog re-bill.  Just bad.

Catchy. (not really) Go away mugshots.com, no one likes you.


I wish I knew who Paul Ryan was, so I could stop him.